Hubble Obama

People, the fantastic Hubble telescope into the galaxies of the past and future has been repaired.

It sent back clear, spectacular images and I think even gave a mighty fine speech last night, too.

Fox didn’t show it.  They went with “So You Think You Can Dance”.

Let me summarize:

Hubble Obama brings it and Fox cha-cha-chas.

©Pat Coakley


©Pat Coakley

12 comments on “Hubble Obama”

  1. I couldn’t agree more Pat, the Hubble images are breathtaking. The Fox Network is too much for me to watch and listen to as it elevates my blood pressure which is not a good thing at my age.

  2. that is very exciting news, the images are amazing, goes to show you what the fox thinks about the grapes ha ha, remember he thought they were sour because he couldn’t reach them, in the same way fox news will never know the true taste of sweet grapes

  3. Serious subject but you just crack me up with your juxtapositions of images and allegories.
    Hubble Obama indeed.

    Even if Fox had pre-empted, unlikely their demographic would have watched it anyway.

    Read Gail Collins of the NYT today if you haven’t already.
    I can source my news from SFAR and her.

    PS- Hubble image + your insert = new flora genus, er, genius.

    • Gail Collins is one of my favorites, Bon Bon! She is at a conference in Dayton Ohio next year and I’m thinking of going just because she’s there. But, on the other hand, a three conference in a hotel that doesn’t have wireless. I might need an ambulance on call.

  4. Pat, you are so right on. You just make me laugh. Beautiful photo you chose. I could just use the pictures from the Hubble for all of the art in my house. Its so magnificent. Colorful and vibrant.

  5. So you think that telescope gave a fine speech last night, huh? Hmmm… You sure that’s dill you’ve been growing there?

    I was glad to hear Obama spank some of those who’ve been spreading viscious falsehoods — I surely hope he’s serious about calling them out when they do it again. Time for zero tolerance.

    • don, I understated my thoughts on his speech..I actually thought it was spawned in another galaxy far far beyond most human reach, which is why I chose the Hubble to comment. Seriously, I know I’m in the total tank for this guy, but that speech ranks up there with the Jeremiah Wright one in Philadelphia. I, too, liked the spine of the speech which basically took on the falsehoods and truly that s. carolina guy yelling out “liar” could not have been more fitting an example of the vitriol that we have all witnessed. That man may have done more to help Obama’s health care efforts than Ted Kennedy and I suspect that’s what his post-speech apology was all about.

  6. Who, in their right mind watches FOX?

    Still haven’t watched any news for about two weeks now. Not missing it.

    I’m glad to see that at least some money is being spent on other things besides the military.

    • Razz, House and American Idol are on Fox! Two very popular shows. I was not talking about the Fox News channel, the cable channel. All three networks, including PBS, carried it LIVE so Fox not carrying it stood out.

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