The Art of Decay and Promotion: Car Shopping

Hands up, people!  Way in the air so I can count each of you.

How many would like an 8X10 of this cone flower which has seen better days?

Don’t be shy, I’m here to let you know that I don’t do business that “old” traditional way.  I don’t try to put lipstick on a pig to coin that oft used phrase.

It is what it is: a cone flower that is decayed and exhausted.  But, not as decayed and exhausted as that black blurred one on the right.

See, that fly on the left?  Signs of life, right?  At least, interest.  There might be some nourishment still remaining.

In fact, this may be my new self portrait.

I’m the fly and I am car shopping.

Remember “Out of Africa”, the movie?  When Redford and Streep were in the vehicle that broke down right in the middle of a herd of wild animals?  What did Streep’s character do?

She yelled, “Shoo!”

I’m going into another car dealer today and when they (and I do mean “they”) approach,  I’m yelling, “Shoo!”

It’s my new negotiation tactic that I’m sure the Donald would admire.

It is better than bursting into tears, isn’t it?

Stay tuned.

6 comments on “The Art of Decay and Promotion: Car Shopping”

  1. Apparently the news on your car wasn’t good… So if you’re the fly, does that mean the cars are like those flowers? Or do they represent the car salesmen who are so distraught and lonesome they can’t resist rushing you even before you’re in the door. I think “shoo-ing” them away is the perfect thing. After all, you have what they want (your money), so you have some authority here!

    • Don, went from wanting to burst into tears to putting my big girl panties on and negotiating a pretty good deal but I am really glad it’s over. More relieved than excited.

  2. this one really makes me think. you touch the subject so directly and yet
    there is a mystery surrounding the images, the words. it seems to be about more than cars, but i do hope you find a good one! and yes, shoo them if any predators approach.

  3. Pat, I went through that last November when I went through the process of buying my new car. It was the most annoying experience ever. Especially when the dealers tried to ignore me and speak to my husband. A. He was not the person buying the car, and B. He knew alot less than I did about all of the questions they were going to ask as he’s British and didn’t understand what they wanted.

    Anyway, there are alot of good deals to be had at the moment and tax incentives that make now a good time to buy if that is any consolation to you. I did a great deal of research on cars if you want me to send you what I came up with as my best picks.. I test drove em ALL… seriously it was ridiculous! My research was worth it in the end because of the deal I ended up with.

    Good luck to you! Big hug!

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