Hyperfocus vs Canon’s Autofocus

By: pbcmedia

Sep 16 2009

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Category: Canon, Car Shopping, Cars


Focal Length:18mm
Camera:Canon EOS 5D

Who knew?

Car shopping and making art require the same part of my brain: the ability to hyperfocus.  I cannot do them both at the same time.

Add to the mix a Canon camera and its well known subpar “autofocus” setting and I am in real trouble.

I managed this morning to go by the local pond at sunrise but I had to take 30 shots before one was in focus via the manual focus.   I’m not kidding.  This is a bad weakness in this camera if the operator is also preoccupied with real world decisions.

I may need a viewfinder magnifier if this real world siege continues much longer.

©Pat Coakley 2009



16 comments on “Hyperfocus vs Canon’s Autofocus”

  1. …or drink MORE wine!

  2. That is a complete beauty… wow. The first time I had problems with my autofocus was the other day. I think it was because I was too close to my subject tho..

  3. for some reason i miss my old minolta 35 slr camera where i had to set everything manually even tho i sometimes missed the shot or had to sacrifice shutter speed or aperture to get it. i have always used photography somewhat peripherally and documentarily since taking a course in painting ‘photorealism’. admitted with all due respect to the art of photography. with my little digi there are times when automation just gets in the way. and the delay, ugh. i know i know there are good digi models, i just dont have one.
    but if i understand correctly, here you have overcome it. bravo! this is a powerful photograph, it it wide and enveloping and draws the eye in and then takes the breath away with a kind of dizzying horizontal vertigo, but thats probably just me,
    still i think everyone would agree it is totally captivating and amazing

    • I like the term painting photo realism! Much to think about it. I think Razz’s suggestion is going to make a huge difference!

  4. Palindromic hyperfocus. May the real world look as dramatically serene upside down or right side up as this shot.
    Who am I kidding……….
    Alright then, a more realistic wish: a productive car search, your good instincts, the windbag salesmans’ day off, and that perfect tomato red coupe with leather seats, GPS system, sun/moon roof, still under warrantee.
    See, the human species is in a world of used car lots after all , isn’t it…….

    PS- was away for a week-no internet, hence, my appalling absence from my favorite blog.

    • Tomato red it is, Bon Bon but no GPS or sun/moon roof, and totally under warantee because it’s new. Photos will follow. Oh, what I learned about myself. Was just about to send out the cavalry for you so glad your are baack!!

  5. Look up about stting your camera at “hyperfocal distance” when you’re using wide angle lenses and you’ll never have to focus again.

    • Professor Razz, thank you!! Honestly, I never knew what that term meant. I just looked it up! This shall really make a difference. It wasn’t in the manual but Google delivers!

  6. oooooh…pretty. I luv the shades of gray and blue. any luck getting a car?

  7. All those blue-greys in the sky make that bit of yellow near the horizon just pop! Glad the car busness is over… I know what you mean about trying to focus on too many things at once. That’s when that magnifier on the viewfinder of life is needed!

  8. Stunning photo!

    • Thanks, S.Le! The skies all spring and summer are no match for the skies of the autumn and winter. Why is that?? I have no idea but it is my observation.

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