The Art of Clear Eyed Head Locks

It’s all there.

The contradictions. The dominance.  The vulnerability.

Those inconsolable reconciliations that grown-ups must acknowledge but rarely do.

It is President Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize speech.

I know there are speech writer jobs (I suspect not as many with this President since he often writes his own important speeches) but is there a job for a speech photographer?

I’m applying.  At last, a niche.

I hope it pays better than eulogies.

©Pat Coakley


9 comments on “The Art of Clear Eyed Head Locks”

  1. fabulous. its a neo-rockwellian portrait. its as true a picture as any ever was including durer and mary cassatt. its a coakley original, museum quality

  2. In my mind I can imagine hearing a crack and a limp body falling to the ground.

    As for our mate Mr Obama, I think the Nobel prize was awarded too early for too little. Time will tell if the prize committee were prescient or premature.

    • Yes, Razz, it is the fierceness of a 12 year old girl with chipped nail polish! Novels could be written. And, as you know, I agreed with you about the bestowing of the prize prematurely, but now, I’d give it to him for the speech itself. He addressed, I thought quite comfortably, the skepticism by, in fact, sharing it and then proceeded to make uncomfortable the audience in the hall who gave it to him with a clear-eyed primer on a “just war”.

      You may disagree with him but there was truth with a big T in that speech.

  3. Why write speeches when you can capture images like this? That girl’s not going to be pushed around.

  4. Thanks, Don, but I don’t want to write speeches, I want to “photograph” his speeches, as in this image. I perhaps should have written more about this goal? Another firefly in the night.

  5. Does Timmy sleep and bathe in that Dedham jacket in addition to wearing it every waking hour? Just wondering.

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