Twilight Run

The snows of yesterday (literally) disappeared overnight following a driving rain storm and it was also the first day I felt well enough to go out and do what I usually do: take photographs.

Weather interferes with ritual in New England. Illness interferes with it in all geographical locations.

I felt a layer of depression lifting as I gathered my equipment, checking the sky through the window, the light, the clouds.  Yes, it would be a good time to go out.

The thing that has always bothered me about those debating the merits of health care reform is that they do so while having superior health insurance themselves as part of their job.

No one in the country has better health insurance than the President of the United States and each and every Senator and Congressman and their families.  When they start saying their vote is contingent on single issues, ie. abortion language, I would like them to also say that if passed, they would be willing to give up their own health insurance and those of their family for this same principle.  That is what they are asking the 40 million plus folks who have no health insurance right now to do.

Fair is fair.  If you believe so much in something, show me how deeply you believe in it.  A no vote isn’t how you show me as you continue to present your insurance card to the doctor’s secretary.

I’m not one of the 40 plus million without health insurance, but it doesn’t take Mother Theresa to empathize or an accountant with a green visor to calculate the sums.

Taking a run with your dog at twilight becomes possible once again when the snow drifts melt leaving room for man, beast, and cars to safely round corners.

Photographing this ritual is possible for me due to a second antibiotic.  It appears to be working.  Fingers crossed.

Seriously, if I’m born when my parents were–1905, 1907–instead of 1945, what would I be doing?  Crossing my fingers would be the only option.

And, if I were born when I was, in 1945, and didn’t have health insurance in 2009, what would I be doing?

I would have gone to an emergency room and hoped like hell that they didn’t turn me away and the wait was not interminable.  The cost of that visit to the taxpayer (if they treat me) is far more expensive than a trip to my doctor’s office.

Or, I’d simply wait it out and hope the infection didn’t kill me. (I think George Washington died from complications from a cold so the waiting it out strategy doesn’t always work.)

In case you are not yet convinced that the over 40 million plus folks without health insurance need us to reform our system, I suggest you get sick and keep getting sicker and sicker –or better yet, watch your child get sicker and sicker–not because you live at the turn of the last century and the drugs are not available– but because you can’t afford to get them and instead you are going to cross your fingers hoping that folks with the Cadillac/Rolls Royce/Bentley/Lamborghini of health insurance plans as well as raging religious views shall do the right thing.

Heath Care Reform–running home at twilight, racing even, before night falls.

©Pat Coakley 2009


4 comments on “Twilight Run”

  1. Sorry to hear you have been ill, but the fire in this post suggests you have it licked.
    And you are right; the need for change in our health care system is great. I know many people who are un- or underinsured, and personally know some who’s dreams and plans have been dashed and lives turned upside down by a single illness. And many others who forego care due to the cost, hoping it is nothing serious. It comes closer and closer to home. The behavior of our Congress is appalling and heartless.

    • It’s a new year by the time I write this and I have not listened to one talking head or politician for three days! But, I did read a book about FDR and it is extraordinary some of the parallels, Don. For some reason, that makes me feel better about how this shall turn out.

  2. Glad to hear you’re feeling a little more uplifted.

    Here in Oz we just shake our heads in disbelief at your health system. The US health system just reeks of the, “screw you Jack, I’m OK”, attitude that just sickens me.

    It’s time for the US to try and get in the lead with things in general again. From where I stand, the US looks like a country that’s in decline as the conservatives try and maintain the status quo that made them rich at the expense of the rest of their countrymen.

    The truth is out there and so many people choose to ignore it.

    • Well, tough as it is to admit, I think there is truth to what you say, Razz. My recent short history lesson through the book about FDR did remind me, however, that human nature is very messy even as it steps up to the plate to try and figure things out.

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