Black Box Veggies: Bok Choy, Baby. The Series.

I now buy it, scan it, and then eat it.

Guide to healthy and creative living.

If you are going to be snowbound or housebound, try scanning your refrigerator.

Works for me.  Stay tuned.  It’s my first series of 2010.


You were expecting a series on Phone Sex, perhaps?

That’s already been done by the amazing Phillip Toledano, anyway.  And, check out the series he did on his aging father.  O, my.

I’m stickin’ with my veggies.  Swiss Chard, coming right up.

©Pat Coakley 2009


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11 comments on “Black Box Veggies: Bok Choy, Baby. The Series.”

  1. Pat – that is a beautiful image of Bok Choy – so simple, so elegant. Now I’d like to see scans of everything else in your fridge! I’m thinking calendars/ greeting cards/ recipe notebook covers for foodies? Happy New Year to you. Roll on 2010.

  2. Oh, Epic, I’m pleased you like this cuz I was thinking along the same line. Since I’ve been going to Weightwatchers, I have tried more veggies than I ever have in my life and have come to really like them. Garlic is essential to all of them! Anyway, am glad my favorite “foodie” finds this beautiful.

  3. Is it wrong to be glad I had already begun making lunch when I arrived at your site. For some reason, the image made me a little more hungry.

    Who knew food, so simply, just a leaf, could be so artistic. Usually when I photograph food it is because I plan (and fail) to post the recipe.

    And there is the kitchen timer. Lunch. Online and in the kitchen.

    • L, happy new year! My favorite is to have my laptop with the recipe on the screen hanging off one of my countertops while I try to make it. O, yeah, Bobby Flay, look out.

  4. great photo-now attach the veggie to the hood of your car and drive 90mph while you take another photo-good idea?

  5. ahem ! i have seen your fridge this series could run into 2011!

    • NKG: Ok. Both those comments are just flat out hilarious and what i miss the most! For a single person on weightwatchers, my frig still looks jammed! Although, now you see these green leafy things hanging out of bins and things.

  6. What a beautiful image. I love how the light radiates up from the central stem. And I’m gald you got the order right: buy, scan, eat. Could be a mess the other way around and not nearly so pretty.

    • Don, Honestly, this is a perfect creative project for someone who is supposed to eat veggies. I am going to the store tomorrow JUST so I can look at the vegetables and see which ones I’ll take home to scan and to eat!

  7. oh wow, the kitchen textile companies would snap this series up in an instant! i really think you could license this! art for the home, in kitchens across the world. the snazzy side pocket on a black canvas apron. a melamine tray, a giant wallprint poster, a tile for hotplates, etc etc etc.
    anyway, it is gorgeous just as it is. scrumptiousness!

  8. Pat, go for a red cabbage, chop it in half and scan if you can. They’re beautiful!!

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