Houston, We have a problem…

“Houston, we have a problem.  We see a Red Cabbage planet.”

Epicurienne suggested a red cabbage would look good scanned.  Yeow!

The only problem is that I bought one and cut it on the wrong bias and had to go back and buy another one.

Seriously, it would be dangerous for one person to eat this much cabbage.   The Ozone layer n’all.

©Pat Coakley 2010


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11 comments on “Houston, We have a problem…”

  1. Now that is a striking image!

    I’m reminded of the those old polaroid image transfers onto paper, but this is so much better on a few levels.

    The colour is lovely and intense (pastels are for pansies!) with the plus that no messy and expensive polaroid was used. A much better result if you ask me.

    • Ahoy, matie! I used to love to do those polaroid transfers! I am a pansy, I guess! Seriously, I have so many veggies in my frig with this series, I should call Alice Waters.

  2. it’s a cabbage mandala! i think i will sit with a cup of green tea and contemplate it. mandalas you know are portals to some other dimension.
    exactly which dimension i do not know, but the purple cabbage mandala is
    both this and other-worldly with its intricate pathways to the center nanoseed of cabbagedom. very artful and good for cole slaw too

    • You know, Tipota, I really didn’t know what a mandala was…so interesting to have a portal to another dimension. I took my grand nieces and nephews to the movies yesterday (Alvin and the Chipmunks o lordie) and there was a preview of the Tim Burton, Alice in Wonderland…We are talking a serious mandala here let me tell you. He has his own solo exhibit at The Museum of Modern Art in NYC!!

  3. you are shooting them out faster that i can respond-the swiss chard still has me yodeling-now red cabbage Peter Max never achieved this-you on acid?

    • I know, NKG! Would that I was as commercial as Peter Max! Long and short of it was I was sick for weeks and couldn’t go out carrying all my photo gear so had to develop a way to be creative inside the house. Household tools, veggies, and old slides became my landscape not moving vehicles.

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  5. Really creative idea Pat… seriously. I love this.

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