Who’s on Watch?

President Obama called on Friday.

President Clinton called on Saturday.

It’s Sunday and perhaps Elvis shall call today?  Here’s hopin’.  I want to tell him about weightwatchers.

Martha Coakley is perspiring–not that the democratic senatorial candidate in Massachusetts for the senate seat vacated when Ted Kennedy died is the kind of woman who lets you see her sweat, mind you–but believe me, everyone around her is grinning through flop sweat.

Calm down, democrats.

She’s no relation to me, nor is she sorry.   Her campaign has enough trouble without adding my family’s political history.

This image is of the bridge and the parapet look-out on the Andrea Doria, the Italian liner, on its final (successful) voyage to New York City.  It was taken by my father in June of 1956.   With the benefit of hindsight, we now know that the look-out on this bridge, three weeks later, was a bit astounded to see “The Stockholm” come out of the fog off Nantucket Island, and head straight into the Andrea Doria.  She sank to the bottom 10 hours later.

So much for look-outs and pollsters.

I see this photo and go, “Martha. Martha. Martha.  Everyone is in a panic, seeing the Scott Brown-Playmate of The Month-steel ice breaker-bow approaching.”

Chill out, people of the Commonwealth and Democratic nation.  It’s the things we don’t have any warning about, (earthquakes in Haiti, for example numero uno) that we have to worry about.

Besides, how can someone with my last name lose?

She won’t, I reckon; but I’m telling you this.

If she does, I’m going down with the ship (after changing my name) and shouting short four letter words.

“Glub Glub Glub.”

©Pat Coakley 2010


**Select photographs from this blog and my wider archive are available for purchase on www.patcoakley.com

6 comments on “Who’s on Watch?”

  1. Oh, Pat. The whole nation is watching with bated breath, and you go glub,glub, glub. Well actually, most of them are still paying attention to the Leno-Conan O’Brien controversy, and that is why Mr. Brown has a chance. I hope you are right and the people of Mass will come out of the fog long enough to recognize their own interests.
    This is a stunning photo of your father’s that you have made so relevant for us today. You are right that things that give no warning can cause us great harm. But so can things we see years in advance, and somehow like a giant ship we seem unable to change course enough to avoid disaster.

  2. Don, what I don’t hear about is how all of this “demmies are done for” talk is causing those of us who were sorta complacent to make sure we vote on Tuesday. Thank you, Republican money and pollsters. I’ll be there around 7 if you want to wave one more sign in my face. I loved this slide of my father although it was damaged significantly, I have improved my restoration skills with this project, I can tell you! w

  3. another beauty. and most likely extremely rare. gaze gaze gaze.
    clinton and obama called me too! we had the perfect oneway conversation
    in which i nodded yes and then said ‘hey wait a minute, i’m not done yet, what about funding arts?’ ‘we thank you for your support’ they said. ‘i wish i could say the same’ i said, ‘but i do appreciate your call’

  4. Another nice shot from your dad. At first I thought is was some kind of Corbusier inspired building on land.

    As for the political stuff, from where I stand; on the other side of the earth, it sounds like a storm in a tea cup. Which goes to show that the closer a story is to it’s readership the more important it is to them. So in this case, for me, it’s vice versa.

  5. Oh, I like that Corbusier similiarity, Razz. With all that is happening in Haiti, this particular local political storm in Ma does not have the passion it would have had a week ago. Despite all the political heavy weights– Biden called today and Obama flew into Boston! I know it’s important but.

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