I’m on the ground from a knock-out punch trying to enjoy the view.

I hear moans and groans all around me and I’m not in Haiti which underwent yet another 6.0 earthquake this morning.

No, I’m a voter whose vote was Democratic in one of those Massachusetts middle class suburbs you’ll be hearing far too much about in the coming days that voted for a Republican to take the Senate seat once held by Ted Kennedy.

There’s a remarkable amount of finger-pointing going on for those so injured, crumpled, laid out limbs akimbo, dazed and confused.

But, I’m not lifting my finger to point anywhere but up.  Getting beat senseless makes me reflective not argumentative.  Skyward is my world view this morning.

So, I’ll leave you with this bit of forest wisdom.

The Lodge Pole Pine tree which populates much of Yellowstone National Park regenerates only through fire.  Their seed pods do not open unless conflagration is present.  In 1988, when a large portion of the park underwent what was considered a “catastrophic” fire, and fingers were waggin’ every which way about failed US Forest service fire management policies, the view of the park was, to the human eye, smoldering and bleak.

Beneath the rising curling smoke, however, and seen only by the wise forest floor, the seed pods were opening.

So, today, I’m looking skyward and have my ears to the ground waiting for seed sounds.

Care to join me?

You could begin by going outside, where ever you are on this vast globe, and lay down on the ground–on your back, silly–not face first, although God knows– I understand that impulse.

Then, take out your camera , your sketch pad, your pen and show us what you see.

I’ll be right here waiting.

©Pat Coakley 2010


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9 comments on “Skyward”

  1. Love it pat. Good to see you’ve enabled images in your rss…

  2. Thought of you last night as the disbelief of the turnaround of Ma. became a reality.
    I was in Yellowstone not too many years after the 88 fires and saw the visual results of what you just described. New growth.
    And was told by rangers that fires are actually good for encouraging exactly that. What that begets are new lodge pole pine trees.
    I’m hoping that the new growth resulting in this election is of more Kennedys’ than of invasive species.
    Great analogy Pat.

    • It is such a great analogy that it almost seems untrue and simply stretched to poetic proportions. But, you saw for yourself…new growth. Fingers crossed.

  3. Yes, so often creation comes from destruction. Nothing can go on as it was forever.

    • “As it was” also wasn’t all that good for some folks, Vesper, so I guess there’s a case to be made that other voices must be reckoned with. But, do they have to scream?

  4. Your optimism and faith in rebirth is refreshing. I hope the burned-over look in Washington doesn’t last 8 or 10 more years. We already did that, and the new shoots of hope and change are needed now.

    • Don, I think I am more optimistic than you. I believe those shoots are there and visible now beneath all of this rancor. But, I’m more sure that creativity shall help me get through whatever happens.

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