On Medicare and Boosting

Things have a been a bit crazy since I turned 65.

I got my Medicare card and then an email suggesting I could be more manly by trying a product that would boost my action in bed.

Maybe I’ll get it.  What the hell.

I sent it along to someone who really needs this boost and I’m sure he’s plotting my demise as we speak.  This is one of the perks of being a friend of mine–I always share boosting or slimming secrets.

Like that time I ordered the bathing suit that promised to make me look 10 pounds lighter.  The “Miracle” suit, I think they called it.

The miracle turned out to be if you could breathe while wearing the suit that made you look 10lbs slimmer.

Crazy, I tell ya’.  Things are just a bit crazy.

©Pat Coakley 2010


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4 comments on “On Medicare and Boosting”

  1. great photograph of light! It is fascinating. i love the wavy calligraphic lines flowing like a musical score while the bright ‘figurative’ shape zips in the left foreground. i would almost ask if it was taken from a helicopter, because of the aerial space, but then it doesnt need an answer really, it could have been made with sparklers taken from the loft of a barn, or kids dancing at twilight with flashlights, or from a bridge watching cars pass at dawn, its a wonderful photo however it was made

  2. Great photo, Pat. It makes me think “ZING”. As for those caring, sharing e-mails, if I ordered one pack of everything that I get mailed about, I’d end up with a small pharmaceutical company, and no doubt you would, too. We could create a transatlantic pharmaceutical conglomerate.
    I LOVE the fact that you shared your latest boost e-mail. HA! Your sense of humour tickles.

  3. I like tipota’s comment that this photo feels like music. I see some jangling treble tones backed by a deep smooth rythmic bass — that blue light of the sky — in the background. As for miracle boosts and miracle suits, I always figure if it sounds too good to be true, it’s probably worth checking out. Or… that’s not how it goes, is it…?

  4. I love this shot.

    Reality through the filter of a mind experiencing a conniption as it realises that not all is well.

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