Main Street

Early early one February morning on my way to get my cholesterol checked, I drove down Main Street, USA.

Smiley face.

My arteries clog every time I see one.

©Pat Coakley 2010


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3 comments on “Main Street”

  1. After admiring the great colors and composition of ths, my eyes went straight to the smiley face. “Full service” smiley, no less. Don’t let it raise your blood pressure, too. He just wants you to be happy about paying extra.

  2. the subtlety of the mood is enthralling. mood is a word i rarely use bcuz of its overuse but the deep blue, the trails and glow of light and where it happens to occur, the wide angle and the smiley face….it’s quiet and contemplative and yet ironic. the words with the picture reveal yet another dimension. if blood pressure is having issues, talk it out with her. tell her to settle down and keep cool and explain why (she appreciates detail and the practical and produces well with little guidance but can benefit from a fresh directive now and then).

  3. I love the colours. The acidic yellow of the lights goes so well with the ultramarine of the sky.

    Whenever I see “full service” I always think about the movie “Idiocracy” (which I highly recommend to you).

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