Improving My Acceleration in the Car Wash

By: pbcmedia

Feb 24 2010

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Focal Length:18mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D

How many of us can say with a straight face that our car wash photo skills are evolving?

My hand shoots right up while others behind the wheel are barely conscious.

It’s February in New England and while the President of my car  manufacturer (Toyota) is going to be barely conscious after testifying in Congress today, I’ve taken my vehicle to the car wash along with my wide angle lens.

Acceleration isn’t a problem here because I’m in neutral and being hauled through the tunnel by a motorized track.  I propose to the 10 million US Toyota owners that they get their vehicle washed in an automatic tunnel if they’d like to experience some safety in their automobile and improve their photography skills at the same time.  Some may even be able to text at the same time but don’t tell Oprah.

©Pat Coakley 2010


6 comments on “Improving My Acceleration in the Car Wash”

  1. Your car wash photo skills certainly are evolving! I love the painterly washes of color throughout this image. Really magical. Now down here on the island where the roads are rough and twisty many of us drive old beaters that we expect to have faulty brakes, a sticking gas pedal and other maladies, just like a Toyota only cheaper… So even though we too would be safer hooked to the car wash chain, there aren’t any of those fancy automated jobs here, and I’m envious of your opportunity to develop your car wash photo skills!

  2. Another great shot.

    Toyota’s slow reaction to fixing up their product problems seems to be showing to same amoral concern for profit that made Ford with their Pinto and GM with the corvair so famous…. for all the wrong reasons.

    I seriously think that a punitive damages case should launched against Toyota so they think twice before calculating that numerous lives lost is cheaper than a recall.

    Big business can be so disgusting.

    A pox on them!

    • There was a lawyer on TV last night saying he was filing a suit on behalf of all Toyota owners! It is just beginning me thinks. I am still in shock at how poorly they’ve handled this..not just before the recall and the dragging of their feet, but post recall. When owners of your vehicles are getting their news of how to operate their out of control vehicle from a TV reporter, I think it’s safe to say you have lost control of your product and message.

  3. “undercarriage, rust inhibitor, triple coat” just made me laugh. loaded i think. but it’s just me, cuz these are things i could use. for support, mental acuity, cold weather. the colors and textures are wonderful here. delicious. and certainly you’ve invented a new genre, who else would have thunk? but think, for an installation, like a wall of videos, imagine. row upon row of carwash passengers snoozing, biding time, chewing gum, bobbing their heads,(muzak and the sounds of sprays and machinery) and then there’s this one woman, hey, what is she doing? taking up with a photo op. you have to see it to believe it, phenomenal! changes the whole pattern. i will never be the same. in a carwash or otherwise. i think it’s called ‘vision’

  4. Loved the photo. I fear car washes. I always think I will never get the car on that motorized track and the workers will mock me.

    So many issues, so little time.

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