Oneth By Sea, Crocuseth by Night

By: pbcmedia

Mar 10 2010

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Category: Flower Photography, Flowers


Focal Length:50mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D

No, seriously.

Each year, spring.  I don’t care what they say, “spring” should be capitalized.  Spring, so so absolutely here.

Because these crocus blooms close-up shop at night, I decided to show them what they are missing.

I have something springlike, too, all year ’round.   Creativity.  But, something happens to it this time of year–as if it trips over Tim Burton or something.

So there, winter blizzard gale force winds bitter chills, we survived!

©Pat Coakley 2010.

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19 comments on “Oneth By Sea, Crocuseth by Night”

  1. Now THESE are my favorite photos of your’s! Bring on Spring!!! Can’t wait to see beautiful blooms around here!

  2. Now WHY did I not check to see who last logged in to MY computer?

    • Oh, you do confuse and cheer, Mr. Buffnik. Since I never expect you to comment on flower photos, I’m laughing at listening to this clip…partly because Donovan is so freakin’ old looking he almost looks like Tim Burton at his current age. I confess to not totally understanding your commentary by this choice…okay, not even understanding it all, but maybe that’s a good thing!! But, it’s early. Only one cup of coffee as of yet.

  3. Where does saffron come from?

  4. Oh, for god’s sake….well, at least this oversight isn’t as bad as the Captain Cook one. But, honestly, I don’t think I can shake that Donovan sighting in 2010.

  5. Oh what a lovely photo. Spring. Yes of course it should be capitalized! Spring and Fall – seasons of change. Now the Donovan picture from razzbuffnik is a much less welcome reminder of the Spring and Fall of life — saffron be damned! Oh well.

  6. Thank you from Maine!

  7. Uhoh, it seems my comment is awaiting moderation. Is this something new or have I been naughty?

    • Nothing naughty WP sometimes does this even to returning visitors. Often times, a new computer or email address may be the culprit but sometimes they just do it even when everything stays the same.

  8. well this is a most eclectic mix of image, idea and commentary! i have not seen the crocus(es) (or is it crocii) around the yard yet and this photo is stunning. they are such shy flowers, and so communal. donovan reminds me of communes, and his voice does not seem to have changed an iota, and i have to say i’ve seen a lot scarier-looking emergences, but i really love the idea of tripping over Tim Burton, ha ha that’s great. and btw i would love to go see the Horn exhibit, we will have to plan something.

    • You and Razz remind me to be kinder. I am taking two kids, 10 and 12, into Boston this weekend for a two night stay (part of my 65th birthday present from my family! I’m taking them to the ICA and Flour Bakery! But, I’ll for sure go again with you whenever we can work it out. Any suggestions on where to go with kids this age in Boston?

  9. Poor old Donovan!

    He’s not allowed to get old.

    What happened to all that “love” and acceptance thing that was going on in the 60s? I guess it was a bit of wishful thinking and illusion….. just like it is nowadays.

    No wonder there are so many confused people blowing so much money trying to stay sexually attractive to people who don’t seem to be interested in any other aspect in other people. It would seem that even some older people don’t want to look at each other.

    Sometimes I think living in a lighthouse, growing old, away from all the social dynamics confusion might be the solution.

    JOSH PYKE: The Lighthouse Song

  10. Oh, guilt me, go ahead. You are right “some older people don’t want to look at each other.” If Donovan in 2010 was singing The Lighthouse Song, (now that was a great great clip and LOVED the video behind him.) I don’t think it would be such a factor, at least for me. I feel like that fox with sad eyes when I see songbirds from the 60’s singing their youthful songs. On Public Broadcasting here they have all the performers from the 60’s doing their “hits” from then and I’m not kidding it always sorta creeps me out. Did their creativity just not grow with them? Do they not sing any other songs? Anyway, you’d be terrible in a lighthouse 24/7! You are too social!

  11. People get pigeon holed. Donovan has never really stopped writing, it’s just that so many of us don’t want him the evolve, or should I say “grow up” or perhaps should I say “grow old”? So all we hear from a lot of older artists is their, “greatest hits” because so many people as so moribund in themselves that they reject anything new and they resent artists who change.

    I think this is one of the reasons why McDonald’s is so popular. Many people want every thing to stay the same as it was when they were young and I suspect that’s why McDonald’s aims so much of their advertising at the very young.

    One of the reasons why I put up the clip of modern Donovan is that the 60’s are well and truly over. I thought it would be interesting to see such an iconic 60’s song, sung by the poster boy of his time, in a modern context.

    As I looked at the video I found myself thinking about the young nubiles dancing behind him and how he’d had probably more than his fair share of “experience” of such pneumatically fit flesh in his day. In his prime, Donovan possibly had his pick of a vast population of young women and there he was in the midst of it all again but it had been rendered sexless by the passage of time. Which is fine by me, because I like the way how he got up there and did his thing without much regard for his outward appearance in contrast to the jaded cavorting of the dancers.


  12. I just looked him up on YouTube…I forgot his song was in Goodfellas! Such a strange movie for him to be known for. Anyway, respect it is. Me bad.

  13. the science museum, have they seen avatar? the omni theatre, then. my nephews, when they were that age, always loved the science museum, and still do now that they are 15 and 17. you can’t go wrong!

  14. That photo is so stunningly beautiful

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