Singular Sensation 2010

Just so you know, I have my ears plugged with orange flecked cotton balls and I’m saying, “La la La la la” for the last 24 hours leading up to this health care vote.

I don’t want to see one more headline–one more theory– nor listen to or read one more person who has his/her head stuck you know where and is enjoying the view.

Nope.  I can’t take it.  I’m done. Stick the fork in.  The juices are running clear.

So, I travel my neighbor Bill’s garden with the cotton in my ears and my macro lens and discover  the truth of a crocus.  They look good in black and white with their orangey center sorta looking like the cotton balls stuck in my ears.

I don’t know how or where I got orange flecked cotton balls, alright– so, don’t ask.

©Pat Coakley 2010

**Select photographs from this blog and my wider archive can be purchased at and starting today, March 20, the first day of spring, my flower blog with photo tips, “Singular Sensation” (a blog that lowers your cholesterol that is if you could get your cholesterol tested and treated with a new health care overhaul) begins its second season a little bit later on this afternoon!

3 comments on “Singular Sensation 2010”

  1. this has such a wonderful feeling, it is like a portrait, so delicately balanced between candid and posed, like a john singer sargent of flower portraits. the family gathers ’round, the chiaroscuro feel of shadows, the
    light defining the ‘character’ in the foreground, and the touch of color, remarkable how it holds its own, it works so beautifully. it adds the sensibility of a colorist to the art of your photography, which i have always admired about your work, but this one prompted me to declare it outright. bravo!

  2. Yummy!!! Went out and took some crocus photos of my own today, but NONE can compare with yours!

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