Inside Health Care

The headline in the New York Times this morning reads,“In Health Care Bill, Obama Attacks Wealth Inequality”.

All the cherries lined up in one pull of words.

I have been slow to understand the furor over the resistance to this plan.  And, I don’t mean the end result plan that was voted on Sunday.

I was slow to understand why the Republicans basically decided early on in the “debate” to shut off their minds to any real alternatives as well as the one on the table that day or any day in this year long process.    I found it incredulous really.

Their only assessment was to lift up the pages of the plan and say, “It has to be scrapped and start over!”  But, they never really made any attempt to formulate the plan from the beginning,  yet all “agreed” something had to be done.   So, the entire party leadership says “no”  without offering any real alternatives?

It didn’t make sense except if you leaned in some dark directions and some did.  Racism was used to explain this resistance.  It was basically a  “no” to whatever Obama was offering.

I didn’t buy it initially, but after listening month after month to the shrieking and watching the red faces mottled with rage and indignation, even those of us  reluctant to settle on the racial explanation, were hard put to point the finger to something else that sounded like a logical explanation.

But, this headline today?

This opens the door for me to a new dark region in my understanding of what appeared to be a knee-jerk pattern of resistance–an understanding that perhaps those shriekers with their red blotched faces understood far better than I did.

When President Obama takes to the road in the coming months to explain this bill and what the inside of it means, it is a talking point that I hope to understand more, and surprise surprise, it just may appeal to many folks who, like me, were thinking naively– namely that this health bill was simply about health equity.  Too many Americans have been on the wrong side of financial equality for decades with only lip service paid to the increasing gulf between the haves and the have-nots.

This is a tea party I’d attend and even host with the “Little Orphan Annie” collector plate set available on Amazon for $87.99.

©Pat Coakley 2010


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6 comments on “Inside Health Care”

  1. Yup… it’s lettuce inside that health care bill — the redistribution of lettuce. I had exactly the same reaction when I saw that headline this AM. Should have known that all the hysteria was really about money. And this, just a tiny move toward slowing the vast concentration of wealth in the hands of the few.

  2. stunning photograph. the color, the depth, the idea, composition is very fine art. i would have to say the same for your words. “agreed”(in quotes) made me laugh.
    and “little orphan annie” collector plates. the blazing ‘image (with words) inside the image’. I once bought a ‘gone with the wind’ collectors plate. it shows tara on the swing surrounded by admirers. i could sell it now, since i bought it a decade ago, for at least twice the original cost (35.00), couldn’t i? uh, yeah guess not. ebay for ten bucks maybe.
    but thats off the subject. i just wanted to say how much i enjoy the way you think, your creativity, photography and writings are such a great combo. you do indeed have a gift or two or three or four.
    as for the racist stuff, i didn’t even think of it before, but now…..i wonder. i wonder why all the anger. i mean i think you can hate something without anger. it just repulses you maybe but doesnt make you angry. then i thought, but i have never understood racism fully, and maybe it is all about anger. anger at what though, losing the confederate war? perceived imbalance of power? fear? i know, afraid the women will prefer, oh ever mind, i dont get it.

  3. Along with health care people should see your photography it would make them feel better. Simply beautiful.

  4. “In Health Care Bill, Obama Attacks Wealth Inequality”

    Sounds like right wing code for, “Obama’s a commie, run for the hills!”

  5. “Fresh Air” on NPR: did you listen to it today? It was all about the hate groups that have sprung up and what feeds them and sustains them. See if you can get hold of it–it’s very relevant to what you say here. Great photo, BTW!

  6. Don, You know I didn’t even think of the “lettuce” tie in from the money point of view!! Of course!

    Tipota, thank you! I didn’t get the racial thing either but I think it’s much more layered a concept than ‘logic” can reveal.

    Razz, you are right, of course, and it’s about time we discuss this subject without that hysteria.

    Thanks, NKG. Eating vegetables has now challenged me as a photographer, too!

    Al, I’m going to try to listen to the program tonight! Thanks for the tip. This subject really is one I want to try and understand better. See you next week! Yea!

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