Alice is the Berries

By: pbcmedia

Apr 02 2010

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Whip creme or Haagen Daz?

I’m off to Washington, DC to see my niece!


©Pat Coakley 2010


18 comments on “Alice is the Berries”

  1. Oops! The title is wrong for this post! ” Alice is the Berry Berry Best” should be up there but I can’t figure out how to change it from my phone!

  2. If you orientated this to read horizontally ( yes, while you’re trying to figure out how to change the title ) it resembles a flag.
    Well, it really resembles a repository for both whipped cream AND HD.
    You realize that you can now add ” food stylist ” to your many credits.
    This is so luscious that I shall salute it anyway.

  3. what a striking image! I dont think I have ever seen berries or any other small round thing done this way before. what a great idea! the dark textures making pattern pop in and out, the reds saying ‘hello we’re here too’- and I keep thinking there’s some letters or code in it. its like i dont just want to eat them, i want to read them

  4. Excellent image! (And I was wondering about the title, thanks for the clarification!) Have a great trip and visit!

  5. What a great image. You obviously took some time in selecting these berries for their luster, size and color. I’m sure tipota is right, there’s a message in there for us. When you’ve got berries like this… Have a great weekend!

  6. Most definitely Haagen Daz, considering the company Tysdaddy now works for owns them too!! Personally I’m a purist when it comes to fruit – give me a big old bowl with just a little sugar sprinkled on top!

  7. I like the berries and I vote for whipped cream. I think Alice is the berry, berry best too! That’s my sister. Not too many Alice’s around. Ton’s of Britneys, Taylors. and Skyes.

  8. At first I thought this was a shot of charcoal embers that had been lined up by a obsessive compulsive.

    Have a nice trip and see you soon.

  9. I thought it was a pimply snakeskin, but that’s just me.

    I think Bon Jovi has one of these jackets. hee hee!

    I’ll take Haagen Daz please.

  10. PR: A pimply snakeskin???!!! Gross, you. But Bon Jovi jacket? Hilarious.

  11. Razz. now that comment just made me laugh out loud. I come from a family of mad grillers!

  12. Carol. I read your comment to my niece! We both smiled. Yea for Alices’ everywhere.

  13. Arynsmom, A husband who works for Haagen Daz can visit my house anytime…with his wife, of course!!!

  14. Divine Donald D, aka, Triple D: I’ve been totally gobsmaacked by Luis Melendez sense of composition as well as brush strokes!!

  15. girlgriot!! Hey Hey! I’ve missed you and shall go and check out your adventures soon! Had a great trip and I know you’ll appreciate this…while walking to the Tidal Basin to see the cherry blossoms we passed the Washington Monument. My niece told me she had been near the Washington Monument during the inauguration and we talked about what a special day in the universe that was. AND, you were there, too! Am I gushing?

  16. Tipota, now, I just love your comment (what else is new?), “You just want to read them!”

  17. Bonnie, great idea for my July 4th post!! A flag. Yum. And, saluting it? Only your funny bone deserves a salute.

  18. […] creativity button.  I’ve already blogged about Luis Melendez and posted some images here and here which I did after seeing his exhibit.   You can view pieces from this exhibit( and two others […]

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