IPAD. IDraw. Speeding Tickets IHaHa.

I’ve been away to DC to see my niece and her family and I played a game called, “Zingo” (like Bingo except with graphics of animals and household objects) and occasionally won it.   I would yell out “Zingo” as lustily as any self-respecting church-hall Bingo-playing retiree.

I’ve been back for days doin’ stuff.

If need be I now know how to train a dragon should one appear on my lawn although I’ll tell you straight up– gardening in 3D glasses is a handicap.

I got stopped for speeding on my way to the dragon training session, going 32 in a 20 mph zone.  No one in my family will believe it.  Pappy speeding?

I can see their eyes rolling now.  They’ll think I’m making it up.

My nephew once told me I should drive with my emergency lights flashing to warn drivers that I am disabled.

I ended up getting a “Warning” on paper and a stoic verbal warning by the policeman, “Slow Down”.

After picking up my grand nephew to go to the movie, I told him the story and he’s laughing ,saying, “It takes you 45 minutes to drive us to your house and it takes my Dad, 30 minutes.”

After a few more minutes he said, “Pappy, you are going 32 mph again and it’s a 20 mph zone.  See the sign?”

OMG.  I AM a speedster after all.

We went into the Apple store before the movie and I pulled my grand nephew aside to give him a verbal warning, too.  “Tim, if you see Pappy pulling out her credit card to buy an IPAD, I want you to yell out as loud as you can, “YOU ALREADY HAVE THREE APPLE COMPUTERS, PAPPY!”

I cannot be trusted on the roads or in Apple stores.

Reason prevailed, but if I had the drawing bug like my grand nephew– this little new Apple gem would be in my bag right this very minute.

©Pat Coakley 2010


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10 comments on “IPAD. IDraw. Speeding Tickets IHaHa.”

  1. What a cute post! (Although I’m not sure “cute” is the adjective Pappy is looking for!)
    I can hear that IPAD calling. “Pappy! Pappy! Come get me!”
    Lindsey Petersen

  2. What a great drawing! Maybe your grand-nephew needs the iPad!
    iPads are what my wife calls a “link-toy”. First you buy the iPad; then a charger, case and some other accessories that are absolutely esssential to make it useful; then come the apps and software and content; and… I’m sure you get the drift. Cameras work the same way, I think.
    I wouldn’t worry too much about the 32 in a 20 zone. Modern vehicles just weren’t meant to go 20, so it’s the car’s fault, not yours. They should give the car the ticket.

  3. You definitely need an iPad. I met mine on Monday and have slept with her every night since. My iPhone’s a little jealous, but we still spend all day, every day together.

  4. 3-D, Don, is my new nickname for you! I couldn’t believe how good this drawing was! He draws these characters all the time and makes up stories about them. I tried the car’s fault defense once, it doesn’t work with men with badges. Besides, you have to realize that I am the woman who managed to total her car without leaving the garage. Oh, yeah. A story for another day. My insurance company which has been in business since right after the Revolutionary War is still chortling about “remember that woman who totaled her car without leaving the garage?”

  5. Pat, No, I do not need one. But, I do want one. I have a feeling I am like millions of others who can’t identify right away why they “need” one, but over time and apps and gizmos added, will discover that life now requires it! I think I’d rather have it than the Iphone to tell you the truth. July is my contract up date for that and it just may be there’ll be some ipad action then!

  6. so glad you got home safe and somewhat sound ha ha. that is a very adorable character timmy drew. the big C shaped head is a great graphic for the Coakley label. i’d like to see it on handbags the way they do logo brands. great for jeans too. maybe you can have it personalized on your credit card, and it will be a reminder to think at least twice before purchasing an iPad. those iPads are so cool though, they are so startrekkian. or something. anyway, this whole story and picture put a grin on my face, thanx!

  7. Razz, I have this little bitty fixation of all things apple and canon and little people who love me for it and here you go with a video that emphasizes, “Shoot to Kill!”

  8. It’s a reference to Tipota’s comment (check out the second last sentence).

  9. i got it razz, cracked me up!

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