The Grocery Store

On my way to the produce section of the grocery store, I saw these flowers in a bin.  14 dollars.  I’d been given them before but did not know their name.

On my way back, my hand reached out and took these orange beauties (Star of Jeruselem, the clerk said, but I’m not sure)  and I justified the expense by deciding to photograph them, too.  I’m submitting it to the Newport Flower show in their photo competition. The theme this year is “Africa” but the photos do not have to be taken in Africa, just inspired by African colors, textures, patterns.  I’m thinking African sky at sunset for colors as well as  the migratory patterns that shape the continent in the movement suggested in the image.

Next up, Brussels Sprouts.  No theme.   Just a nice scan before I cook them to round crunch  in hot, hot oil.

©Pat Coakley 2010


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©Pat Coakley

12 comments on “The Grocery Store”

  1. Now this is what I’d say is a great flower shot. Lovely rhythm and colour. I felt I was looking into one of those dreamlike streams from something like a Celtic myth and expected Ophelia’s face to appear slowly from below.
    So much more than a mere record of a colourful object that so many flower shots tend to be.
    Good luck with your submission.

  2. that is quite beautiful, and yes the colors are suggestive of africa, saturated rich and deep. they look hearty and delicate as well. i hope it wins a prize!

  3. This one is over the top, Pat! Those colors, curves and lines — and that bit of yellow-green. If you’d passed these by, you probably would have had to return to the store for them. Now what a waste that would be!
    Brussels sprouts cooked in oil? That’s a new one for me. Thinking of your previous post, I wonder if it is lower-cal than the old fashioned midwestern method of steaming them and then slathering them with butter!

  4. Wow Pat. Really. Wow.
    Texture, color, focus, reflected hues, this is so compelling and beautiful.
    Why couldn’t it be Africa. It’s as complex as a weaving or an ikat textile. I’m crazy about this piece.

  5. Razz, I always think of you groaning when I post a flower photo! Happy this pleased you…and only you would expect to see Ophelia. That alone was worth the 14 dollars!

  6. Tipota, I have a Queen Anne’s Lace that looks like Africa to me, too…but the hot, dry, textures galore. I can’t decide. What do you think?

  7. Bon Bon, I’m going to have to look up an ikat textile but I’m happy this is a wow for you of all the things you just pointed out. Why couldn’t it be St. Croix, I say!

  8. O, goodie, Divine DD. (I am still working on my nickname for you!)! I am so glad I bought them! The Brussels Sprouts are indeed less calories with oil than butter and I even like them better. Hot hot oil, sprouts halved, 3 minutes on each side. Roasted, grilled flavor, crunchy, blackened a bit. Yum. I cook the oil with garlic, too.

  9. well, it’s a natural canvas of it’s own! magnificent. I see it becoming an oil painting . They scream ‘admire me” and you do automatically because it’s a very pleasing color pallet.

  10. Pat, this is absolutely beautiful. The color and movement are spectacular. Those blues and the oranges with a little green and yellow are breath-taking.

    OH, do you have ANOTHER blog I don’t know about? (well, I know now since you provided a link.)


  11. wow that one is nice too. is there anyway you could do a double image in one photo? kind of like the grapes and lettuce leaves idea but it would have to be two more defined different halves, just a thought…or can you submit more than one?

  12. Pat, I love this piece. Much better than the other queen anne’s lace piece. This one has vibrancy going for it… and I think people are much more likely to be “drawn” to it. Just my opinion..

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