Spring time in Washington, DC from a famous market near Capitol Hill.  Inside I took photographs of pigs feet and pears.  The pig’s feet were not at all spring-like.

©Pat Coakley 2010


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6 comments on “Spring”

  1. Nice pastel colors! I wondered what was odd about this picture. Then I realized it was the tree in blossom! Good place to sit and read on a sunny day. And you scurrying after pigs’ feet… I remember at the Saturday market in Port of Spain, Trinidad, the vendors would have stacks of pigs’ feet, snouts and tails (yes, they were ugly little things) on their tables for sale. Not all jumbled together, mind you, but neatly stacked in separate piles as if that would camouflage what they were.

  2. I just *sigh* at your sometimes brilliance at telling a story from a photograph. Dang woman!

  3. Nice shot and quite an apt juxtaposition of the lady and the blooms.
    For the Japanese the cherry blossom is a reminder of the ephemeral nature of life. The Japanese have an expression “mono no aware” which translates as “the pathos of things”.
    The samurai often used the cherry blossom as a metaphor for their lives. Extreme sudden fragile beauty with a sudden end.
    Their hope was at least to go out with beauty. I’ve read stories were samurais that have been mortally wounded by an opponent have composed haiku and recited it with their last breath. For example:
    “Had I not known
    that I was dead
    I would have mourned
    my loss of life ”
    Ota Dokan

  4. Don, I just know for sure that I am much too limited in my food choices and tend to not understand how others can eat such and such. It’s an annoying quality. How can I so enjoy a pig’s rib but not his foot?

  5. Amber, as Razz points out below, the ephemeral nature of the cherry blossoms seems to fit right in to my Irish DNA! Always aware of the juxtapositions. You, too, I think.

  6. Razz, I totally love this comment. Had I known the Japanese saying I would have titled this post with it. I took several other shots of this juxtaposition while in DC. That poem by Ota Dokan!! Thank you for that, too!

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