Pig's Feet

Ok.  Let’s hear your best pig’s feet recipe?

I’m serious.

What would I do with them once I got them back home and into my kitchen?

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6 comments on “Pig's Feet”

  1. Some people pickle them, but as far as I’m concerned, you’ve already done your best with this picture. It’s kind of sad to see them up close, with that little “toe” or whatever it is called. I often think we’d be much healthier as a culture if we saw our food on the hoof before buying it, rather than always nicely packaged in plastic, not even any juices leaking out.

  2. Don, you are so right. This might as well be human hands stacked up for all the appeal it has to me but my food world is so limited that I know I can’t just go, “aargh!” I feel that way about sardines, too!

  3. I’d start with a coat of nail strengthener, then apply two coats of Revlons’ Love That Red, then a quick dry top coat.
    Oh, but that’s my recipe for pigs’ feet that are still attached to the pig.
    I always had a hard time in Chinatown, trying to eat a meal while behind me, suspended from hooks, were small pigs, cooked and I suppose, luring in hungry diners from the other side of the steaming glass.
    Oh, but these do look so much like chubby, human hands.

  4. Love That Red!! God Bless Revlon for keeping these names! I think my mother used this color, along with “Fire and Ice”. On a pig’s toenails? Stylin’ Pig Trotters thanks to Bon Bon!

    I read that they have less fat than spare ribs. And have anti-aging properties, like collagen.

    And, you cook them in a Dutch Oven.

    Not my Dutch oven, you understand. I don’t care if the fountain of youth is in that toenail.

  5. I looked up recipes on Food Network. There was one under the category “Great Grilling” that called for stuffing the pig foot. Ugh. I may never eat again.

  6. Oh, Al, I laughed out loud when I read your comment! YOu don’t think you’d enjoy it if this summer your grill master, Jeff. had a grill-off with John and Robert for best grilled stuffed pig’s feet??

    C’mon, I’m on the floor at the thought of that.

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