Botanical Belief in God

There is a pattern.  I see it now very clearly.

Here are examples from last year:

Queen Anne’s Lace

The Dill Plant

The Zinnia

This year, 2010, I begin my ‘under’ thing with the Fancy Tulip.

Seriously, this flower may actually make me believe in God.

If you can’t fly to France today due to the volcanic ash cloud or go to church because it’s closed due to the costs of excessive pedophilia, go to the flower store.

You can view my “Tulip Love” gallery here.

©Pat Coakley 2010


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17 comments on “Botanical Belief in God”

  1. “If you can’t fly to France today due to the volcanic ash cloud or go to church because it’s closed due to the costs of excessive pedophilia, go to the flower store.”
    The irony of your humor is my personal favorite religious experience.
    And if you’ll excuse me now, I must go and drop to my knees in
    Genuflection over this flower.

  2. I’m an acquired taste in the ironic humor department so welcome to the short line, Bon Bon. It’s a small group but we enjoy one another immensely.

    Mess with religion these days and risk the devout turning on you like a rabid dog. A Christian rabid dog actually looks just as menacing as a Taliban rabid dog– or so I’m told by “Pets to Avoid”, a topical magazine for those considering buying a pet.

  3. It reminds me of kimono fabric.

  4. Oh, Al, it does! I see it now that you pointed it out. I’d love to have a kimono for some reason. Maybe I could wear it to the May barbecue and do my circling with flashes of colored silk!

  5. With the way you’ve lit this, and its colors and curves, who needs church? Your comment to Bonnie about risking “the devout turning on you like a rabid dog” has me in stitches!

  6. OH MY GOD! Or maybe I should say OH MY TULIP!

    Other than that, all I can say is I echo everything Bonnalaaaa said. I don’t know which I enjoyed more. The beauty of your photograph or your ironic comments. Please include me in your small group as I am a BIG fan.

  7. This botany has presence. It has spirit. It has a charisma that invokes a quiet joy and a universal thank you. Yes, I see the light…and it is good.

    Love your words. I concur with your other flowers/followers!

  8. Don, I’ve just come back from the store with a purple avocodo! O, my. It actually jumped into my cart saying, “photograph me!!”.

  9. Carol! You can stand in my line anytime! I seriously wish I could paint flowers, as you do, when I come across such natural beauties as this. I do it in my own way with Photoshop but some just seem to be beggin’ for watercolors with a side of decoupage eggs. Thanks so much for your enthusiasm. I know you love flowers, too.

  10. Thank you, Melinda, for such a reflective response. This one took time….intervals between stages…sleeping on it…working on something else…then returning. Sometimes, it is like a conversation that begins but gets interrupted and then resumed days later.

  11. it’s beautiful, painterly, and you could use a heat transfer (opaque for dark colors) on something like dark raw silk kimono or fabric. if you havent done it before try it on some other piece of fabric before going to any final. you just need the transfers (sold at most Staples), a good printer and an iron

  12. Tipota, I am going to try to do this! Now, I have to find my iron! I’ve got one, don’t I? I truly can’t remember ironing anything in years. Domestic Diva I’m not.

  13. “Seriously, this flower may actually make me believe in God.”

    I think you’d be better off thinking about the relationship between the Fibonacci series (1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21,34,55 etc) and nature when it come to things like flowers.

    Here’s a link to explain the relationship a little more.

  14. unf*ing believable!!!!!!!one of your best!!!!!

  15. Razz, as your comment came in as spam I’m sorry for the delay! However, as I’m just photographing a purple avocodo, this Fibonacci series surely applies to the symmetry of this natural object! I’ll finish photographing and then read all about it. Thanks.

  16. Thanks, NKG! I’m doing French Tulips today.

  17. That line might be longer than you think.
    I lurk in your blog/church often for a portion of truth and beauty.

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