Chrysler Building

Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.  (Thank you Carol King for reminding me of all my infomercal puchases over the years in search of transformation)

If I ever fall through the black hole of transformations, tumbling a over tea kettle gripping my plastic, please let me become a painter.

©Pat Coakley 2010


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10 comments on “Chrysler Building”

  1. But Pat, you are a painter with light!

  2. Don, I know what you mean and I don’t mean to diminish the art of photography but in this instance, what I want to see from this image is not there no matter how I tried but if I was a painter, I think I could have realized it far better.

    Who knows? But, it’s got me thinking I’ll get out my WACOM tablet, dust off the stylus, and give it a go with “Painter”. Truth to tell, I’m not very good at that, either!

  3. It’s a perfect image to play around with. I’d certainly have a go at it.

  4. check out some of the new filters, there are some really great ones you can play around with, using complex selections and variety, and it is art just like painting. i assume you have photoshop? go to the original program cd and open the folder that says “goodies”, its chock full of interesting add-on filters and websites where filters can be downloaded.

  5. It does look like the top of the Chrysler Building!

    I wonder if you’d like real oil painting? I can see you out on your deck, seated at the easel, painting a still life.

  6. Razz, now, if can just find that sylus! I know it’s SOMEWHERE…

  7. Kathi, I’ll check that out but I have to admit to not liking many filters. If I use them, I use them sparingly. Maybe i have missed some good ones, though, so shall check it out. Now, where is that Photoshop CD??? Maybe it’s hiding with the WACOM stylus??

  8. Oh, Al…I’d really like everything about that scene on the porch except the result. It is only those under five years of age who think I can draw.

  9. Methinks you have an artichoke in thy Refrigerating apparatus! Just to let you know I am alive but very caught up in cakes n dresses n family politics. Will be back soon I promise! Keep up the fantastic food photography. xxoo

  10. So beautiful, almost a little gothic.
    It truly looks almost like a painting. I really like it!

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