Underwear Ha Ha

Oh, I am not kidding about this.

Underwear shopping in 2010 for the agin’ single gal is foot stompin’ hilarious.

My first pass by the rack left me thinking this must be a sewing store with a sample rack of pieces of fabric.  It’s either that or the assembly line in China forgot to assemble the whole garment.  Underpants require some sort of pant, no?

The 2010 answer is clearly, “No”.

I just saw a rather large string with a waist band.  Granted they were different colors and patterns but honestly some were not large enough to even display a pattern.  Was that a flower or a polka dot?

You know I love polka dots but this garment promised me a permanent wedgie and that was before I put my clothes on.

And, hold on, but I think we’ve also gone from the wedgie to the ridiculous with the selection of girdles available: they range from whole body sausage casing (thank you, Carol, for putting that image in my head for the last four days) to- and this is not one word of a lie-the thong bottom attached to a girdle midriff top.  I suppose it’s for those ladies who have that little extra somethin’-somethin’ muffin top that might interfere with their bangin’ bottom?

This photo is from that lovely exhibit I saw at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, title, “Waste Not”.  It explored permanence and intransience through a reconstruction of the home of the artist’s mother and the actual entire contents of the home in China over a fifty year span.

No thongs visible in this house but the factory which makes them was probably down the street.

©Pat Coakley 2010


**Select photographs from this blog and my wider archive can be purchased at www.patcoakley.com

6 comments on “Underwear Ha Ha”

  1. this is birth control underwear. works pretty good probably.

  2. “that little extra somethin’-somethin’ muffin top that might interfere with their bangin’ bottom?” had me, pardon the expression, in stitches ha ha ha
    the photograph is intriguing. i like the desaturated color, it fits the subject with sensitivity. the feeling of fabrics worn and worn out, the lovely grain of the wood upon which they are so carefully folded and placed. i had to wonder what happened with that shirt in the foreground. was it in tienanmen square, or did it fall off a ladder while picking pears? or something even worse perhaps. maybe it was just too many times washed. you can smell the laundry soap, ones imagination can run wild.

  3. This post reminds me of when I was in Denver with my wife for a conference. One day she asked me to go and buy some underpants for her while she was at the conference. My wife likes to wear pure cotton without any lace. No nonsense and comfortable.

    The sizes are different in the US so I asked the sales assistant for some help. I tried to make it very clear they were for me wife and I wasn’t a closet transvestite.

    I pointed out a woman who was my wife’s size and said I wanted to buy underwear the same size as what would fit her. I even asked the woman what her size was with the sales clerk. Needless to say the bitch gave me six pairs of underwear large enough to fit me!

  4. Renee, this (the photo from the exhibit) is more my style of undies than current choices in my store!! Single for a reason, perhaps!!!

  5. Tipota, your imagination always adds to my posts! You, in particular, would have LOVED this exhibit. It was filled filled filled with all the “stuff” of existence, as well as living. Honestly, I have thought about this exhibit more than any other this year!

  6. Razz, I bow from the waist to the funniest story about husband underwear shopping that I have ever heard! I can just see you trying to get ahead of the “He’s a tranny” line of thinking. Just the thought of that…o, my…this is a story that when you tell it in person to a crowd, they must be on the floor. Just think! If you had kept one of the undies, you could bring it out at the end of the story! Wearing it, perhaps?

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