Sunday Brunch

If I was having a Sunday brunch these flowers would be on the table.

“Fancy” tulips they are called in the store but there’s gotta be a better name.

I’m calling them the “John Singer Sargent” Tulips because their color and texture reminds me of the silk dresses he painted so fabulously on his turn of the century (19th century!) fancy ladies!

At this fictional brunch I would also serve little pancakes filled with raspberry jam or chocolate chips or my personal favorite, heath bar toffee chips with maple syrup or homemade hot fudge sauce and bacon.  I just bought the pan at William and Sonoma outlet store in anticipation of an upcoming sleep-over of my 12 year old grand-niece.  It is the cutest damn pan.  It s called Ebelskiver and is described as making “delicious round pancakes wth fillings inside”.  Here it is in French: “crepes rondes delicieuses avec remplir.”

Anything in French makes my mouth water.

You could serve me sardines from this pan and I’d eat them if you said it in French.

Well, no, I wouldn’t go that far.  But, it’s cute, this pan.   Trust me.  I’m going to photograph it today to see if I can scan sweetness from its contours and add it to my “Tools of the Trade” gallery which you can view below.

“Tools of the Trade”

©Pat Coakley 2010


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14 comments on “Sunday Brunch”

  1. In Paris, they put Nutella on crepes. Have you ever had it? It’s like a little gift from Baby Jesus for chocolate lovers.

  2. Oh, Al, I laughed out loud at your comment. Whenever you or I talk about the baby jesus people really should pay attention!

  3. Brian makes good crepes. Or at least he did once. With strawberries and raspberries. And a generous helping of fresh whipped cream!!! The tulips are gorgeous too!

  4. It all sounds lovely. I’ll be there in spirit. lol. waiting for the picture too.

  5. I’ll have the ones with raspberry filling, please! This photo is wonderful. I like the way the handle on the pitcher-vase comes forward almost into focus, adding even more depth to the picture.

  6. lovely colors and depth. sunday brunch should be delicious! i’m looking forward to the photo of the cute pan. i love pans, especially omelette ones
    that are nonstick and chunky

  7. Yes, I can see the Sargent in these tulips. Oh, and the food descriptions!

    I checked out your “Tools of the Trade” portfolio and loved looking at the photos. I could swear you’ve been to my house and that you’ve seen that your tools have cousins in my shed…There was only one tool that I did not recognize: the “bread hook.” Beautiful work.

  8. I, too, would like these tulips on my table. I wonder…how many points are pancakes with heath bar toffee chips with maple syrup or homemade hot fudge sauce and bacon???? Huh?

  9. In reverse order:

    Carol, you mother…I mean, thank you for pointing out the astronomical point value on one little pancake.

  10. Melinda! I am happy you enjoyed my Tools of the Trade! I have a sweet spot for that ongoing series as many of the tools came from my father’s tool box!!

  11. Tipota! I had so many new vegetables in my frig that the pan got delayed! Today’s the day! I know what you mean about pans! Honestly, there’s just something sweet about them.

  12. Donald, Pssst, don’t tell Carol, but I’m cooking them this Sunday!

  13. Renee! Oh, it would be fun to serve you and your gurlz these pancakes! The pan is being photographed today!

  14. Garsy, now Brian can cook those crepes and add ice cream to the toppings!!

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