Black Radish

I think there has been one too many “man-with-a-bomb-on-board” stories.

When I look at this black radish all I see is some sort of explosive device- not a garnish.

I can tell you one true thing:  I wouldn’t travel with one in my pocket.

©Pat Coakley 2010


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6 comments on “Black Radish”

  1. You see “some sort of explosive device”.

    I see something that looks like a prop from Eraserhead.

  2. Beautiful, and vaguely sinister. Of course, you could always eat the evidence.
    Just to add to the bomb scare and Eraserhead thoughts, what would you feel if you saw this emerge out of the dark moonless sky one night? Would you reach up and grab that hook?

  3. why is that radish black? have you left it in your fridge too long?

  4. Razz, that is my first Erasehead sighting or listening! You are right…it looks like that “thing” at the end!

  5. Don, exactly…a planetary object was my other “look alike”…Knowing me, I’d not reach up but be running like hell to jump in any available hole!

  6. Carol, you are so sweet. No, really. (You can’t see the pins I have ready for your eyeballs, can you?) This is the only thing in my frig that is naturally black is about the only honest thing I can say.

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