Help! I Can’t Stop Mousin’ Around

I can’t find my tablet or stylus!  Help!  I cannot stop mousin’ around.

My only goal was for it to not look a photograph.

I think that’s a “check”.

But, c’mon, I need help here.

It is an orgy of mousin’ around with Painter and Photoshop.

But, hand over heart, I am gonna find that friggin’ tablet and stylus.  My flowers are perfect subjects waiting for someone to know what they are doing.

Any tutorials out there, people?  Don?  Razz?

©Pat Coakly 2010


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©Pat Coakley 2010


12 comments on “Help! I Can’t Stop Mousin’ Around”

  1. Wow, what great light! This is fabulous! You want advice?
    1. Find the tablet, or just buy a new one… you’ve already got the talent!
    2. Just keep on playing and playing. The tablet will make it so intutive, you’ll have tons of fun.
    Nothing else needed.

  2. Holy crapola. That’s right. I’m throwing away my brushes and paints and are going to start looking for the same kind of mouse that you’re looking for.
    You’ve gone gorgeous on us. I love the lost edges of the top tulips and the way those peonies ( ? ) are weighted down by their own size. The highlight on the vase- it’s just beautiful, beautiful, seen with artists’ eyes.

  3. Damn you!

    I’m with Bonnie, I’m throwing everything out. You’ve succeeded in creating a wonderful painterly image! Howdja do that woman? This “painting” is bursting with light.

    PS. I don’t even know what you are talking about…Tablet? Stylus? Are you going to do some hieroglyphics next?

  4. Oh,Don, thank you for your thumbs up and that advice! I am going to put together a little slide-show and add it to the post today to show the original photo and then some of the holy god things I did to it before being dragged away. You are so right about being able to while a way the hours with Painter!!! But, I’ve got to learn to read manuals instead of thinking..”Oh, yeah, I’ll just figure it out as a I go along.”
    Would you ever consider doing a slideshow (WordPress makes it easy now) of one of your creations going through stages? I’d love to see that! Sorta how Bonnie shows us her sketch and then the painting. Anyway, off to look for that damn tablet.

  5. Bon Bon…I love “holy crapola”!! Any praise that has “crapola” in it makes me laugh out loud. The flowers are all tulips, although the “fancy” tulips look like peonies!! Honestly, I have more respect for you and Carol, true painters, after this!

  6. Carol, Next up is parting the Red Sea with my tablet in hand. That is, if I can find it. Other than that, my toes curl with delight thinking you find this appealing. You love flowers, too, but let’s face it…you can really paint…so that’s why I am delighted with damn you’s from you.

  7. The only tablets I know anything about are for cholesterol.

    Your image is redolent of potpourri and it makes me think about lace, fudge and dolls with ceramic faces.

  8. How do you access the slideshow feature. I went into the administration page of the blog and can’t find a way to do it.
    Can this be explained in a few simple words? I don’t want to give you a Sunday School project.

    Razz and his free association nailed it with the dolls with ceramic faces.

  9. Razz, I’m not kidding–you never cease to amaze me. Lace, fudge and dolls with ceramic faces. Now, those things together are better than the painting!

  10. Bon-Bon, here’s the page I used to put mine up. Sunday school projects like this, I like! It’s just anything to do with God that trips me up.

  11. it is that and then some. painting. photograph. paintographic text. photointographic painting. gorgeous. i think what holds it to being photographic are the thin lines of definition. the color texture composition,
    painterly expression. all together its a winner. ltd. ed. print/gallery fine art

  12. Thanks Pat, I’ll go have a look. Maybe even get it to work!

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