Breaking News: There is a God. She is a Tree Peony.

By: pbcmedia

May 08 2010

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Category: Flora and Fauna, Flower Photography, Flowers, Mother Nature


Focal Length:85mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D


This is my contribution to texting language.

It means “O MY FRIGGIN’ GOD”.

Which is exactly what I said when I happened upon a Tree Peony in my neighbor’s yard last night at twilight.

The blooms last only one or two days.

But, oh, those one or two days.

Breaking News: I do believe in God after all.

She is a Tree Peony and I’ll bomb your bottom to kingdom come if you don’t agree with me.

See, that makes it officially a religion.

©Pat Coakley 2010


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9 comments on “Breaking News: There is a God. She is a Tree Peony.”

  1. Zowie- this is a color palette that even the Gods recognize. Papal Purple. I’d like to re-name that People Purple, feeling more for the people than the papal, FYI.
    Well, LMAO at your OMFG, IMHO, I think these peonies are spectacular.
    The focus, as it changes around the flowers and the leaves, is what walks my eyes around the image.

  2. I love peonies, and the color of these is truly regal. If God is in a tree peony, I venture She’s in a lot of other things, too. Too bad so many people are looking in the wrong direction.
    Now I wonder what you were doing snooping around your neighbor’s yard at dusk. Or more to the point, I wonder what your neighbors thought you were doing… If you show them this, I’m sure they’ll encourage you to do it more!

  3. Beyond Beautiful !!

  4. I believe! I believe! And it does officially make it a religion now that you’ve added the element of death and disaster!

    I’ve never heard of a tree peony before, but I’m glad you pointed me down the purple peony path of righteousness!

  5. The color palette is magnificent and truly heaven sent!

  6. In reverse order: NKG…Amen to “Wow!”

    Carol, I had never heard of them until I saw one two years ago in my neighbor’s yard. At first, I thought it was just a normal peony on steroids but then I looked them up and realized it a gift from China. A shrub not a tree despite the name. The most coveted hundreds of dollars, up to $750! This plant photographed would cost about 50 dollars, I think.

    Al, heaven sent is the perfect term!

    Hey, cousin M! It is so spectacular that I go by and visit it every day!

    Don, my neighbor loves flowers as I do so he’s fine with it. The one who lives next to him, however, is not crazy about seeing me sleuthing around with my camera at odd hours of the morning and night!

    Bonnie, I love that the focus walked you around this image. I do admit to be a painter with focus as a photographer!

  7. I will join this church. ;)

  8. I would join this church!

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