Skinnydipping with Creativity

Creativity is messy and exhilirating.

You need privacy because you are in a perpetual state of blissful vulnerability like skinny dipping on a moonlit night.

Sometimes you are a minnow wiggling through those dark waters flashing sparks of silver.

But, most of the time, to the outside eye, what one does in this state may appear patently ridiculous– to say nothing of the mess that surrounds your chair or table of activity.

Exhibit A.

You buy a few stalks of tuberose. Green stalk, cream colored small tulip shaped flowers that climb the stalk like a helix.

You don’t put it in a vase like normal people.

You put it in a scanner underneath the black box you have made for just such an occasion.

Whilst the scanner moves across the tuberose, you sit hovered over the scanner, eye level with the scanner bed, delicately moving the stem like it was swimming on a moonlit night.

Then, you put it in a vase.  Tuberose smells sorta sicky sweet, I have to say.  I may have to put it in the pond down the street.

©Pat Coakley 2010


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6 comments on “Skinnydipping with Creativity”

  1. Nice.
    I thought of two things when I saw this image. The first was of a trace on an oscilloscope and the second was of mixed up plasticine that had be cut through with a knife.
    I wouldn’t worry too much about being caught playing around with your scanner and flowers. It’s when you’re scanning your bare butt (as one does from time to time), that you have to be really sure the curtains are drawn and the doors are locked.

  2. Pain in the rear, I’ll stipulate. But when did you become agnostic?! ;-)

  3. Brian, PIR is my territory so no need to stipulate. Since forever or does it just seem like it? Agnostic 4 days out of the week; atheist 2 days, believer in something or other1 day. Overall, more time spent in doubt than belief!

  4. Razz, Now, I am laughing just thinking of hoisting myself ahem on to the scanner bed. Not once have I contemplated it.

    I think this just may be a testosterone driven “as one does from time to time” or tequila-driven.

    The original title for this was “heartbeat” as my first association with this image was like yours, the printout on those medical machines.

  5. This is a very cool image that made me catch my breath when it first came up. Recognizable as several things at once. The randomness of the hand motions really makes it.
    I often feel that privacy/vulnerability thing associated with the creative process, and wonder how those people who paint “en plein air” in public places do it.

  6. Leave it to you,Coke, to have your own Black Box-is it for going for a cruise in your Toyota ? As far as scanning your bottom, I have seen you since your weight loss and I think you could scan your bottom with your I-Phone-loved the image kind of Rapunzel on a Harley.

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