What is it?

It’s Thursday.  It’s a new weekly series called “What is it?” day.

Answer should be in a story form.  Six words.

Prizes for entrants not just winners.

My new name is Agatha Crunchy.  I’m hoping for a BBC series.

©Pat Coakley 2010


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13 comments on “What is it?”

  1. It’s a close up of my black leather evening bag with those gold nutty shaped beads silly!

  2. It’s a satellite picture of your scalp.

  3. Bedouin tents seen from space station. ( six )

  4. Don’t know but I own two.

  5. Black cabbage?

    • You are right, Al! Except it started out as red cabbage! And, just as a disclaimer it did not turn black in my refrigerator but through Photoshop!

  6. Looks like a cabbage that’s been sliced through, scanned and manipulated in photoshop. Then again it might be a cross section of a brain with tumours.
    I think I like the cabbage better.

    • Yikes! My scalp from a satellite sounds a whole lot better than a brain with tumors! I’m with you, the cabbage manipulation I like better and is also the truth!! I love my veggies for so many reasons these days!

  7. Since there are prizes for entrants and not just for winners, I will enter, albeit late.

    I WAS going to say it was a head of lettuce. I’ve already found out I was wrong. Then I was going to say something clever, but Bonnie, Razz and others have already beat me to it.

    So, here’s my comment which will never be right nor clever….
    It’s a cabbage that has gone over to the “dark” side a la Harry Potter. Where is its wand?

  8. […] CanoScan 9950F It is Thursday, week 2 of “What is it?”.  Last week can be viewed HERE. […]

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