What is it? #3

By: pbcmedia

May 29 2010

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Category: "What is it? Series", Enviornment, Macro Photograpy


Focal Length:180mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D

This is a single image.  No filters or even Levels or Curves. (Photoshop “stuff”).  I saw this through my lens.

To me, it looks like I am underneath the ocean of the Purple Planet where we all might want to be living if we keep on kicking the crap out of our  “Blue”planet.  This image is also part of a gallery of photos called, “The Art of Purple” taken over the past few months.

So, what is it?

(It’s Saturday and not Thursday.  I forgot, alright?  A seven year old is arriving in a few hours for the weekend,  I had to sample all the snacks I’d bought her  to make sure they weren’t posionous.  They belong to that food group called, “Junk”.  )

©Pat Coakley 2010


••Select photographs from this blog and from my wider archive can be purchased at www.patcoakley.com

12 comments on “What is it? #3”

  1. Beautiful colors and light, with just the edge of that purple petal in focus (that is what it is, right?). A stunning image! And how does your belly feel after testing all the snacks?

  2. Oh, I don’t know for sure, but I’m dreaming of a purple sofa with a big puffy pillow for rest and recovery after eating “snacks” and getting blurred vision.

    Beautiful work. Reminds me of moticos.

    • Oh, now, Melinda, I love that you thought of moticos! I saw a program on Ray Johnson last year that simply blew me down it was so good. I need a comfy chair in the living room re-upholstered and it just might be purple!!

  3. It’s a nacho chip!

    Do I win anything?

    • O, Carol, if it were a nacho chip it would have been eaten before I could photograph it! They are those lovely “trigger” foods for me! My grand niece told me her favorite potato chip is made by Wise and is called “Onion and Garlic”. I’m going to have to forgo even passing the chip aisle until I get THAT out of my mind. Of course, you win a prize! Send me your address in an email.

  4. The edge of an iris petal that has never seen junk food, except for a neighbor’s Round- Up cocktail.
    Quite beautiful, though.

    • A Bearded Irish petal, you are right, Bon Bon. Honestly, these things kill me. I do not like them in a regular lens or else simply have not found the sweet spot for them in 50mm. But, 180 mm and macro? Wasn’t there a Soap Opera called “Another World”?

  5. It is so much more than what it is-to say it is a petal is not enough- it is your talent, it is serenety, it is silk,it is beautiful, an alien planet,peace-but I must say it does not belong in the same room as nacho chips perhaps a goblet of nectar but I can’t imagine you saying to your precious visiter “how about a glass of nectar,honey?”

    • NKG, anywhere I am, you know, nacho chips could be somewhere…under a sofa pillow, under a bed (along with chicken bones)…but, thanks for compliment.

  6. mmmmm…. purple…. the colour of bruises.
    I remember reading somewhere, years ago, that a liking of purple was supposed to represent a desire to return to youth.
    It would be nice to turn back the clock a bit. Undo some of the ravages that time has wrought on us and what we have wrought on the world.

  7. Razz, I had not thought about purple as the color of bruising…and now cannot stop thinking about it. So many twists and turns to that concept. It is like I have fallen into purpledome. Am I looking to return to youth? Undo some things, redo others? All I know for sure is this color purple is gobsmacking me this spring.

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