Watching My Organic Peas & E’s

I discovered a “confetti” eggplant and fresh spring peas at the store.

Ever since I’ve been watching my P’s & E’s to start the month of June.

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I feel confident that no one on the planet has more fun with vegetables than I do.  It’s my niche.

©Pat Coakley 2010


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11 comments on “Watching My Organic Peas & E’s”

  1. great series of ‘studies’, each one impeccable. a real treat for the eyes, color, and composition, wonderful!

    • Kathi, every time I go into Whole Foods I see new vegetables that jump into my cart. Then, when I get home, I decide what colors I’d like them to be!

  2. You have surely found your niche- it’s in the form of a black box.
    Hung in a school cafeteria, these could make 4th graders want to exchange M&M’s for P’s & E’s.
    So do you cook these things and eat them after you use them or……?

    • Yes, indeed, I eat them all up, Bon Bon. Just finished the confetti eggplant today, the peas were gone yesterday! Weightwatchers actually has brought me a new photo subject along with some health benefits!!

  3. And here’s me thinking that car washes were your niche.

    I think the next thing you might want to try is photographing the vegetables on a light table inside of a light tent. With a bit of practice I’m sure you’d be able to get some really nice high-key photos.

  4. Car washes are still my niche! Love them. I made a rudimentary light tent and the results were not so good so I think I did it wrong (of course) so shall try again. I’ll google how to make one instead of just improvising!

  5. And what’s this? Now on June 3, an all new grunge theme!
    I love the muted tones of these vegies and the various arrangements — eggplant elegant!

    • Don, I had tried out the new WordPress template for two minutes before changing back! You visited in that two minute window! I’ve been looking for a new look but all that I try seem lacking in presentation of photo features so I’ll keep on trying for something new. I ate all the elegant eggplant this week. One observation: cooked eggplant is not so elegant looking!

  6. Pat – these are beautiful. Once again I see a range of Coakley Products in your future: any one of these would make a fabulous chopping board! Or a super smart apron. How about eggplant oven mitts? Oh, how I have missed your vegetables. I’ll pop back again soon to see what else you have up that vegetable sleeve of yours.

    • Mrs. Epic! So nice to see you back in blog land! I want to send you something to celebrate your wedding to Monsieur so if you could drop me your address in an email, I’ll send it on! Bon Bon has been encouraging me along the line of products as well. Maybe between the two of you, I’ll make my entree somehow into the kitchens of this world. My late brother used to wince when he saw me trying to cook something in the kitchen at our Cape house. “O, Jesus, what now?”

      “Eggplant oven mitts!” I so wish I could yell at him now.

      Love to you and Monsieur. Makes me happy too to think that your long awaited day (and delayed day at that) has happened!

  7. Well, what can I say? Bon Bon and I will be your first customers. The world’s your eggplant! Or zucchini flower! Watch for those – they should be popping out shortly and make (a) wonderful images and (b) even better eating.

    Will e-mail you later. Thank you so much for your kind wishes. Being married rocks.

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