Blogging from Bed

So, here is the link to this video.

I truly am single for a reason.  Fear not loyal readers.  I’m not going to name a video blog (if I do one at all) “Blogging from Bed” but it did make me laugh out loud this morning when it occurred to me while LIVE on camera.

©Pat Coakley 2010

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7 comments on “Blogging from Bed”

  1. Loved it. Title is great, but we need to see more of the bed. Seeing both your eyes would be good, too…at least occasionally.
    Or is that a trademark?

    • Yep, a trademark! Pirate Pat. No, seriously, I am not going to do a video blog from bed but shall consider other settings! Stay tuned.

  2. i think its a great idea. kind of an updated bed-in like john and yoko.
    “give peace a chance” you’ll need a slogan like that i think. maybe “live,
    sleep and rant” ha ha only kidding. you dont rant. ranting is so not you. it just rhymed. musing is more like it – and very amusing, you have such a great smile it lights up the camera!

  3. 86 the glasses-you’re too pretty

  4. Hmmm, were you tokin’ on a huge blunt just before you did this?

  5. Wait. I can’t laugh anymore cuz I’ve just read your Van Gogh pronunciation comment. I actually tried pronouncing it while following your instructions. Where are the handi-wipes for my computer screen? Oi. You kill m. Many emails to me about this suggesting that my voice sounded funny, like I was underwater, maybe folks would think I was interested in bedroom “gizmos”..(.I can safely say that bedroom gixmos are THE only gizmo I’ve never been interested in..) OK. So, tokin’ and bloggin’ don’t mix. I get it. You do slay me. Flat.

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