A Yacht Named Bob

Speaking of intergalactic travel (we were weren’t we?) what planet is Tony Hayward, the executive from BP,  living on?

No, I’m serious.  I’m not sure it’s from our galaxy even.

Watching bits of his testimony in front of Congress, he appeared to be heavily medicated or possibly just having toked deeply on a tuber in the hallway before the meeting started.

In the history of bad exec moves, he must be nearing some award status– as I even hesitate to take a shot when Representative Joe Barton from Texas certainly deserves a shout out as he apologized to curly locks and BP–but, righteousness rules me at the moment.

I have to express my outrage.

The latest TonyGuffah is that he left the Gulf of Mexico to go watch his yacht sail in a race off the coast of Britain.  People are up in arms.  His spokesman says he is getting email status updates from the Gulf.

My outrage boiled over when I read the name of his multi-million dollar yacht: “Bob”.


I suggest to corporate board rooms everywhere that any executive in their company who names their yacht “Bob” does not have birthing papers from this planet nor the skills to run a company in this galaxy.

Planet Pineapple, perhaps–but not Earth.

©Pat Coakley 2010


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2 comments on “A Yacht Named Bob”

  1. Beautiful pineapples! And, well, a boat does sort of “bob” in the ocean. But perhaps that’s not what he meant… Indignation at the guy is the appropriate response!

  2. Pineapples have never looked so beautiful. I’m amazed at the wonderful colors.

    Now excuse me while I beam to another universe.

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