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Jun 21 2010

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Category: After the Museum, MOTION PHOTOGRAPHY, Train Travel, TRAINS, Transportation


Focal Length:5.8mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon PowerShot SD850 IS

Just remember: Pigeons like to travel too.

“Ruggles” station just outside Boston, near Northeastern University and Museum of Fine Arts.

©PatCoakley 2010


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3 comments on “Ruggles”

  1. This wouldn’t be the same biker chic lady from 2 posts back, would it? I think I recognize the socks! Great image here… I like the simple color palette, the subtle use of type, and the birdie narrative.

  2. i really love this one. its outstanding. it has a feel and aesthetic that made me recall robert vickrey. wonderful piece, very sparse and so poetic. the textures and transparencies, figures and sort of geometry are amazing.
    it has a kind of overall impact its hard to describe, a moment that is breathtaking in what it shows. and again a twist on the perspective, stretching the viewpoint in a way from looking in a southerly direction to seeing the entire plane of vision contained and brought to eye level

  3. Follow the yellow brick road….That pigeon is looking for the wizard.

    Great photo.

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