Melancholy Baby on Wheels

Because being in the passenger seat lets me play with my camera settings, I can make high noon on a cloudless summer’s day into a moody twilight.

I have no idea why those cars had their headlights on unless they were foreign made cars like my old Saab where the lights just never turned off.  Never.

The headlights also burned out every two years as well.

But, on this beautiful, sunny early summer’s day at around 10:00 AM in the morning crossing the Newport/Pell bridge into downtown Newport itself, darkness was falling and the span of the bridge, at least for some of us, yet to be crossed.

Moods.  They travel with me over hill, dale, and Newport Bay.

©Pat Coakley 2010


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One comment on “Melancholy Baby on Wheels”

  1. Twilight or the darkness before the storm, the bright lights of the stragglers fleeing.
    Friends who owned a Saab always had a weekly “Saab story” to tell about what was wrong with the car that week. Unfortunately for Saab, that’s the only thing I can think about when I hear the name.

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