Seven Days of a Media Diet and One Galactic Pig-Out Day

By: pbcmedia

Jul 09 2010

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Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D

During the first full week of my media diet I’ve been in Florida helping my cousin buy more media.

She’s now the proud but wary owner of a 15 inch Mac Book Pro laptop.

I couldn’t be happier if I’d bought one for myself.

Today, my IPhone 4G arrived and I activated it in about 4 minutes.

I have also spent the greater part of the day in a spectacular pig-out media orgy.

My thighs are warm ala a romance novel cover from the hours of the laptop heating up my lap.   The phone buzzes quietly on my left as the TV blares the latest news of Lindsay Lohan and Mel Gibson.  In other words, folks, I’m a disgrace.

I’ve taken seven days of struggling with moderation and had the galactic equivalent of “I ate the whole thing!”

I saw this beautiful lily pond in Palm Beach this week and did not know the name of this particular tropical lily pad.

It’s a “Star of Zanzibar”.

I looked it up on Google.


I was going to go the library and look for a tropical lily pad book?

©Pat Coakley 2010


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5 comments on “Seven Days of a Media Diet and One Galactic Pig-Out Day”

  1. So is it going to be binge and purge now?
    Summer in Florida. Not so bad now is it? People say “too hot, too humid”, but really it’s just summer in Florida, and there’s always the beach or the pool nearby. And those lovely lily pads with the variegated leaves! Beautiful!

  2. I toast to your disgrace. And am so grateful to hear that the new iPhone is an easy start. See, if you hadn’t been the sacrificial media LAMB, I would be building a case of apprehension and doubt about making that jump myself but since your endorsement, I feel encouraged.
    Your cousin is lucky to have you there with her to two step her through the pro and just let her see the rapture in your face as you bring her into a new league.
    She’ll be toasting you too.
    Thanks Bambi.

  3. Pat, Pat, Pat. I’m sure you know that you have to wean yourself slowing from all your media and you’re bound to have a relapse or two.

    I, too, am sitting here. looking at your lovely photo of lily pads, with the TV on and my phone next to me in case a very important text arrives.

    And…..and….I’m fixated on the iPad. I so want one. SO WANT ONE!

  4. Just hold your IPhone G4 the wrong way and you’ll loose reception anyway.

    I’m back!

  5. My dear Pat. Sympathy.
    I, too, get severe withdrawal symptoms from my IT gadgets.
    For instance, last week our work servers went down for maintenance so I couldn’t access any e-mails or use Safari on my i-Phone until I got home. I hated every moment. Luckily I had a book with me as back-up. Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Or is that just backward thinking?
    On holiday I do try not to use media too much but it takes a good 2 days for me to remember how to do without it.
    And yes, precisely, like you I Google everything. Besides, one of my colleagues went to the library last week and said its stock was dwindling into a pathetic collection of Mills & Boon paperbacks and bodice-ripper romances with the occasional dictionary thrown in for good measure. Would I go to the library to look up lily pad books? These days? Not in a million.
    CarolKing – I crave an i-Pad too. So much that I have a knot in my stomach just like when you’re at school and you see a boy you like. How is that possible?

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