Food Shame

By: pbcmedia

Jul 22 2010

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Camera:Canon EOS 5D

I ate nine creamsicles yesterday.  Nine.  I didn’t know I even liked creamsicles.  In fact, I’m still not sure.  But, I threw the rest of the box out before the consumption number went to 18 and the box was empty.

A re-run of Oprah a week ago talked about how she had finally found the answer to her weight problem and no word of a lie I didn’t understand it when I was watching it but I think it has something to do with balance–inside your innards balance and damnation (for me) some gobbleygook to do with God.

Plus, the expert she had on went on to say that if you don’t trust yourself to maintain your weight loss you have not really achieved balance.  Oprah nodded and said you’ve got to connect to the Source.

My source yesterday was creamsicles.  They are now melting in the trash.

I am the source except when I’m not.

Got it?

Now, why don’t I have my own network?


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14 comments on “Food Shame”

  1. oh pat that is a very creamy colored soft photograph, too. creamsicles have that tangy ice/buttery cold sweet goo-in-summer thing. they were a favorite of mine as a kid. btw, when i was a kid, staying home from school
    because i was ‘sick’ (right!) (and tired of going to school). wonderfully left alone, mind you, both parents out working, the neighbor lady stopping by to come check on me from time to time, i still managed to eat about 3/4 of a chocolate cake with cream frosting. another time my cousin and i baked an orange flavored angel cake for grandfather’s birthday, and then between the 2 of us, ate the whole thing before anyone even knew, so we had to bake another one. i have this thing about cake ha ha.

    • Cake is almost never on my fantasy list, Kathi!! One could be in my kitchen and not fear for its life! Funny, isn’t it? The tender sweet sources of our nature. Thanks!

  2. I feel your pain and shame. I’ve just finniished breakfast and I had to really struggle with myself, not to order some more toast. I could’ve kept on eating and eating it.

    Strange that Oprah feels she has some kind of understanding about how to control one’s weight when her’s yo-yos so much.

    For me, I just make sure that I don’t have anything that is easy to just wolf down (except for fruit) in the house. I don’t tend to buy ready made food and just about everything I eat (except when I’m on holidays like now) has to be prepared. No short cuts.

    I know I don’t have very much will power so, I made sure it’s not easy to pig out by not having bad fast foods around. I’m weak and I know it.

    For me, nowadays, a snack is a piece of fruit or a small can of tuna. I’ve also bought a treadmill and put it in my study (no excuse about bad weather). I’ve also got a TV in front of the treadmill so I can get lost in some mindless show instead of being bored and trying to figure out a way to self justify myself out of exercise.

    I think it’s pretty comon knowledge that eating well and less, combined with exercise is the way to go.

    By the way, very good photo to illustrate your post.

    • Hey, Razz in Bali! Nothing better than breakfast on holiday! Your strategy sounds like a sound one…not to have easy foods in the house! I respect folks who can coexist with danger foods for the sake of their families! My tactic of last resort is throw out that which is calling my name as I pass by the kitchen! Have a great holiday. I Engogirl took her G11 with her!

  3. >I (hope?) Engogirl took her G11 with her!

    Yes and we bought an underwater housing and extra underwater slave operated flashes. We tried it all out in the hotel pool this morning. Tomorrow we go to an area well known for its diving.

  4. Oooh Creamsicles? Razz’s Bali updates? That lovely blurry image of blending pastel shades reminiscent of ice cream parlours… Yes, lovely.

    Well done for not eating all 18 creamsicles. Shame you couldn’t have sent the leftovers to me! I would have gladly obliged in helping you to finish them. But your restraint is admirable. You should do a new diet book called BIN IT! With rubbish bin photographs of the naughty things you throw out.

    • Epic, “Bin It” is genius as I am not kidding it is my one and only tried and true diet tip! Stay tuned. You always have such good ideas for me except posting 18 creamsickles to England!

  5. Great photo! Yes, the blurred creamsicle pastels, and the face covered in shame… or is it really that sick feeling from 9 creamsicles gurgling around down there? Made me laugh. The throwing out routine is brilliant, of course, and probably quite effective as long as there is no convenience store nearby!

  6. Thanks, Don! PS. I have just now in scanning in a round disc of a summer squash found a way to present what you sent to me months ago! I scanned it in right away but over the past few months have just not been happy with any companion for it. I THINK I’ve got one now! Stay tuned and it shall be winging its way back to you! I’m reliable but slow.

  7. Loved your picture and your post. I, too, have had to throw things out just not to eat them. But them I’m always reminded of the Seinfeld episode where George gets caught eating éclairs out of the garbage!

    (Hey look, spell check automatically put the accent over the “e” in éclair.)

    When they come out with the all carbohydrate diet, I’ll be the first to try it. (Oh wait, I’m on that now and it’s now working.)

    • I’m currently writing this from the prone position as I’ve made five WW recipes for tonight’s Mad Men season opener. Only one person is coming over. O, yeah. The only thing I can’t understand about George’s garbage hunting is his food choice. Eclairs never did it for me.

  8. Creamsicles, hmm they sound yum and shall have to try one – my balance has been foreclosed a long long time ago and alas I have succumbed to accepting that some days the food wins some days I win… ok off to shops to hunt these new foods down (new to me)

    • Sanity, I don’t think they are called “creamsicles” at the grocery store. “Orange” something!

      • Okie dokie, this last year has been a journey for my tastebuds, so many new and exciting, some aweful, delights! Nothing but an adventure and to hear of Orange somethings it makes that more exciting – I am seriously surprised that I am not rolling around! I shall see if I can find them at the store when its a bit cooler – Florida seems to be the home of the Devil with this heat!

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