Timeless, a Lesson in Creativity and Personality

Don Diddams is a rare bird.  He is an artist with patience.

I’ve had his beloved old Wollensak lens and his father’s hammer since January when I put out a blog-call for objects of a trade that I could work on creatively.  He not only sent me the two loved items, a letter describing their meaning to him, but he also sent me money to send them back!  Patient and polite, I’d say.

Nine months later, I am finally sending them back with a card of sincere thanks.  Not once did he say, “Hey, where the hell is it?”

I learned a lesson or two about my own creative impulses in the process, I admit: sometimes I don’t know what in hell to do with something.  This was the case with his lens.   My original thought was to pair this lens with a summer round squash that looks like a gear wheel.

Aren’t you glad I waited for that thought to pass?  Here’s a link to my “Timeless” gallery with multiple stages of this image.

Thank you, Don, for the opportunity to work on two timeless objects.

©Pat Coakley 2010

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4 comments on “Timeless, a Lesson in Creativity and Personality”

  1. i love the textures, the ink script and typeset note behind the lens. there is a something that is new vision to your work i find inspiring. awesome even. the impact is strong yet subtle and time/timelessness is a fascinating subject.

    • Kathi, you always love textures! This is why you’d LOVE that Ledray exhibit at the ICA. I’ll go again if you want to meet up!

  2. You are certainly welcome for the loan of these objects. The knowledge of “what to do with” something — even something one may find interesting — can be elusive. Move too fast and it elopes with a squash!
    Your new work in the last few posts is fascinating, with many layers of texture and meaning. If the old lens helped stimulate any of that, it has done its job well!

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