Goodbye, Summer. Hello, Blogroll.

I finally and I mean FINALLY figured out how to add a blogroll to a photo blog template and one that allows me to post my  videos directly.  I plan to post more videos of collage making in the future if I can figure out a way of filming that doesn’t involve galactic swear words.

The blogroll is at the bottom but at long last it’s there!

(The “Help” in the video is while going over the Bourne Bridge to Cape Cod. I hate that bridge.)

I also think going to visit Mary and Bob would be like visiting Bonnie and her husband in St. Croix.  Every where I looked, there was another animal.

©Pat Coakley 2010


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16 comments on “Goodbye, Summer. Hello, Blogroll.”

  1. Doesn’t play on the iPad:(((

  2. Pat, it’s a youtube video. Do other Youtube videos play on the IPAD? They must. Oh,I knew this was too good to be true. A blogroll and video that works!

  3. YouTube yes. But No flash on the iPad .

  4. WAY COOL!!!!! I am so glad I stopped by tonite before clicking off! That was beautiful! ….Perfect song, beautiful children and furry friends and you definitely deserved to be in the credits…….

    • Leslie, I was taking some of the video on my Iphone and I didn’t realize that the camera works two ways: toward the subject but also you can switch it so it is looking at you. For a moment, I didn’t know what the hell to do when I say my face coming up on the display. Typical of me…sort of a techno wizard in some things but dufus in other areas.

  5. wonderfully done video, really finely artly produced! too many great shots to mention them all but, i really like the movement from one image to the next (the ‘page’ of a photo album, that is a brilliant stroke) there is one of a dog resting probably on a satiny-like chair or duvet or something, the color is fleshtone… have you seen that commercial on tv where this russiany guy says “opulence, i has it” and all these very cool model girls around him, then he sits on a loveseat and kisses a tiny little giraffe? i know it sounds crazy if you havent seen it, but that dog looks like a tiny little dog sitting on the palm of someone’s hand hahaha, surrealistic aside in there. and your little girl eating what looks like breadfruit or something haha, that is too fabulous, and the two brothers behind the screen, and the photo of you sitting with all the children, its really fantastic pat and so great to watch! music too is really perfect, and the ending haha-you are a great videographer as well!! oh and thanks for having me on the blogroll yay!

    • I haven’t seen this ad but now can’t wait to see it!! That little girl reminds me of myself, eating with gusto, before my WW days!

  6. I am not a fan of summer, but actually felt a bit sentimental at it being over after watching your video blog, which was beautiful. I am happy you got your blogroll all set but laughed that I was described as painter and hiker. HIKER? Painter and napper would be more accurate, but of course it’s your blogroll. I will be what you wish.

    • C’mon, Carol. Anyone who climbs those steps to Macchu Picchu deserves “hiker” in their obituary! I’ve just given it to you a bit sooner!

  7. Oh, and I want to visit Mary and Bob. That place looks beautiful and I love all the doggies. And the kids are pretty cute too.

    • Mary and Bob do have this wonderful wonderful space, inside and out. Three dogs and although I’m not the biggest animal lover, they begin to grow on you!! The big poodle there (some funny name for a poodle) seems to spring rather than run. Funniest thing I ever saw.

  8. Wow you finally got a blogroll,…. and you put me on it!

    Whoo! Hoo!


  9. Pat- In the settings for your videoblog,or in your youtube account, is there a place you can choose either HTML5 or Flash?
    If you choose HTML5 then people on iPads will be able to view your videos, otherwise no.

  10. thanks for trying…watched on imac.

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