Once More Into the Breach

I have cornered the market on manhole covers and brother nostalgia who is portrayed here with a little–no, a lot– of Ocean Liner nostalgia as well.  My cousin calls it “otherworldly”.  Good enough.  It’s the past world.

It began as a Kodachrome slide taken in 1956 by my father of my 14 year old brother standing in front of The Queen Mary in Southampton, England.  I did a polaroid image transfer in 2007 (over 50 years later) which accounts for the jagged edges and subtle coloring.

Then, last week,  prompted by having to give a talk about digital collage on the anniversary of my brother’s death in 1998 (The professor said it went very well, btw, he said, “They weren’t on Facebook while you were talking.  Amazing!”  I bet he says that to all his guest lecturers.)

Anyway, since they are doing a project on someone who has died but who has left an ongoing narrative to their life, I updated my polaroid transfer with one of my Citra-Solv papers with a hint of text to suggest the conversation that still goes on in my head with the past world of ships and brothers.  I didn’t get to talk about this one though because the quality of the overhead image was so terrible, it wasn’t worth it.  So, I sang, “Feelings” instead.  There’s probably a viral youtube video circulating as I write this blog.

That’s it for nostalgia, at least for awhile.

(C’mon,  I did NOT sing, “Feelings”.  It was too hot in there already.)

@Pat Coakley 2010


**Photographs from this blog and my wider archive can be purchased at www.patcoakley.com

4 comments on “Once More Into the Breach”

  1. Those automatically generated possibly related posts…livery weird.

    Like the picture.love this process.

  2. fantastic! there is something very compelling about your recent posts, the images/photography seem to have made some kind of leap into a new realm. its very exciting and very cool stuff. i’m so glad your guest lecture went well. tho it isnt surprising, it’d be a treat for anyone at any age to hear you speak on your art.

  3. Wish I could have heard your talk. It sounds fascinating. I like the faded out dreamy look to this. He looks so small next to the Queen Mary but so much more the focal point because of it.

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