Spud Physics

By: pbcmedia

Nov 02 2010

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Focal Length:50mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D

Thank you Anna and Bernhard Blume for this 1986 parody of housewives who have been in the kitchen too long, domesticity run amok, with potatoes of their own volition (that’s what the placard next to it said) flying all about.

It’s part of an exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC that I recently enjoyed to the utter max.

And, it prepared me for today, Election Day 2010.

I just returned from casting my vote.


Every democrat on the ballot got my vote. I don’t care if he or she was a felon and shouldn’t have been on the ballot in the first place, I’d have voted for the bastard.

Potatoes are flying of their own volition today.  The rules of gravity and common sense simply don’t apply.  Something other than reason is operating and I’m calling it Spud Physics.

I’m secretly hoping several of those flying spuds hit those drones of the airwaves tonight as they begin their “analysis”.  Watch for the scroll on the bottom of your TV screen:

BREAKING NEWS!!!! ****”Flying Spuds Attack Glen Beck’s Tear Ducts”*****Breaking News!!!!Flying Spuds Land on John Boehner’s Nose*******Breaking News!!!!Flying Spuds give Anne What’s Her Name a haircut and a plaid dress******


©Pat Coakley 2010

Select photographs from this blog and my wider archive can be purchased or licensed at www.patcoakley.com

8 comments on “Spud Physics”

  1. It looks like a bunch of Disney animatronics running amok.

  2. Oh, Razz…I’m not kidding this exhibit was fabulous. Design and the Modern Kitchen. Never would have thought I’d have such a good time going through it. But, I did.

  3. BREAKING NEWS!!! Spud is back with his extended family: The Low-Flying Spud Clan. Whatever happened to Spud, anyway? Is he lying embalmed at the back of some kitchen drawer? Or has he gone ashes to ashes, Spud to dust?

    These images are great. I can definitely relate.

  4. Once again, an exhibit I would love to see! This is just the klind of reaction those drones of the airwaves, as you call them, deserve. Spuds run amok!
    Yes, the election is depressing. How can so many be misled so easily into acting against their own interests? Spud logic. Or just the result of massive amounts of money dedicated to promoting a fairly tale.

  5. We’ve seen outer space and inner space … I guess kitchen space would involve orbiting potato asteroids eventually. hee hee!

  6. I can’t believe you got to see that show and I still haven’t. Loved the photo and your description of election night screaming….I mean analysis.

  7. I just put up a post after a long absence. Now it’s your turn.

  8. fabulous! you really crack me up, spud physics ha ha
    i’ll be thinking of these images tonite, as leftover mashed potatoes are on the menu, and wondering if “mash theory” could be proven based on spud physics, as it has an elemental relativity. the theory states that when nothing else can be done, mash will do. a bland sort of paste. thats kinda how i feel about election commentary, same old same old news. sigh, i do remember once upon a time there were issues a politician could stand up for and people/media respected that. i voted all democrat, too

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