Gifts We Really Need As Opposed To Those We Don't Like an IPAD

I had the Apple salesperson take my photo with the IPAD.  I then emailed it to my great nieces and nephews.  “Here I am just lookin’, not buyin’.”

The 8 year-old said with wisdom, “This does not surprise me that Pappy is in that Apple store!”

The 10 year old, named after my late brother, is coming to visit tomorrow to spend the night and to read the new book in his favorite series, “Diary of a Wimpy Kid”.  I bought the book on the day it was released, November 9th, and I’ve just made up his bed, put the stuffed animals all around, and stood the book up next to the new Dog Pillow Pet.  He’ll be thrilled.

I’m thrilled he still wants to come visit.  He’s worried that I’m getting rid of cable.  I told him we’d watch Netflix movies on my laptop.  I just put up an easel with nice paper.  Maybe he’ll paint me something.  He’s good at drawing.  I stink at it.  But, this is a read weekend: He’s going to read his book and I’ll read mine.(“Freedom”, Jonathan Franzen)  We’ll make heath bar crunch cookies.  I’ll say it’s for him that I’m making them.  Bacon Pizza.  The boy never met a piece of bacon that didn’t call him by name.

We’ll go to see “Megaminds” on Sunday and then end at a restaurant that has delicious fried haddock.  Haddock is his favorite.

His mother said he was really looking forward to coming.


Isn’t this a far better gift than an Ipad?

Yes, of course, it is.

But, if he arrived at my door, say… suitcase in hand, smile on his face… with an Ipad for Pappy in his other hand?

Snap out of it, Pappy. Snap. Out. Of. It.

You have everything you need when the doorbell rings.

©Pat Coakley 2010


**Select photographs from this blog and my wider archive

27 comments on “Gifts We Really Need As Opposed To Those We Don't Like an IPAD”

  1. This sounds like a really fun weekend, but seriously,
    you didn’t get an Apple TV yet?

  2. Oh, c’mon, Pat! How many Apple products can an ol’girl have on her list? I thought about it. I truly did. But, I’m going to wait a whole month of not having cable and see just how howlin’ mad I go. Then, I’ll decide.
    I did appreciate all your suggestions! You are the wizard! I guess your location has made you an expert! I finally got an antennae that worked on one of my TV’s so I can get 10 stations without holding the antennae in my hand. I felt triumphant.

  3. I totally enjoyed reading this. You have an awesome weekend with the 10 yr old. Just hugged my 4 and “one-half” (have to add the one-half or I get scolded) yr old and said , “See ya Monday!”. She answered me with, “I am going to miss you so MUCH!” WOW! Of course I had to tell her the same and it has put a whole new dimension on being “Grandma”. He likes drawing? YEAH for the 10 yr old with your brother’s name!
    I like the reading planned, also. …..and Bacon!

    • Leslie, I found out he draws cartoons! Honestly, and i thought I knew him! Any suggestions for an aspiring cartoonist, o wise one?

      • Never have done cartoons…….Is it manga that he likes? That is all the rage and there is tons on manga drawing in the library and bookstores, etc. If he truly loves to draw and is heading that route, he will probably like trying caricatures before long. One thing that can turn a young aspiring off really fast is not having good tools to draw and paint with. The student pan paints for watercolor?I can’t do much with them. How can we expect them to. Same with pencils…sounds like a sety of prismacolor pencils are in order as well as some varying shades of drawing pencils lik B, 2B 4B and 6B. Eventually he is going to want those new felt pens to draw with…for sure. You are totally creative! I imagine he could really get into what you are doing, also! Then he could digitally manipulate his cartoon characters into digitally redone landscapes. Wow, would that be cool or what! :)

  4. Hi Patty,
    Fun picture and snappy outfit. Love the gloves! They always make me think of Fagan in Oliver Twist, though much more stylish.

    • Mary, A homeless person is more stylish than Fagan for god’s sake!!! Makes me laugh out loud to think I’m at least a bit more stylish than Mr. F. You kill me.

  5. What a LUCKY 10 year old. And lucky you, too. I hope you both have a smashing time.

  6. i remember david lettermans take on cable, something about ‘tv should keep being free’ but you know i think you are way ahead of the game somehow by getting rid of it. i cant tell you how many times i have wanted to trash comcast cable because they do have me in a gridlock and have a monopoly on services and are so full of BS and the charges just keep going up ridiculously.
    if everyone did what you did, now that would really be a revolution. and also i do think it could be the absolutely logical next step in home entertainment to do something like netflix instead, really. since i rarelt watch news programs, current events could be learned about online. cable then seems redundant doesnt it?
    i hope you are having a fine weekend and you look beautiful!

    • Seriously, Kathi, I know I feel a “weight” off my shoulders. Today is the day I take back all the equipment! I know that I just heard a promo for Oprah’s new network as well as Martha Stewart’s new shows and they both have “I believe in Cable” in their promos! Safe to say, we all are entitled to our beliefs but both these women won’t be having my eyeballs.

  7. Awww, how sweet. I was really moved at how lucky you are to have such a wonderful family. Ok, I’m over it. Gimme an iPad.

  8. BTW, If I send you a picture of me, could you photoshop my face on your body and then send the picture to my husband? Thanks.

    • Ok. This one comment was worth two years of blogging. Safe to say, never and I mean NEVER (even after WW) has that been suggested by someone who wasn’t terribly impaired by substances or mental illness.

  9. I’m with Mary – you’re a very stylish lady and your eyes speak volumes, filled as they are with energy and enthusiasm. The Apple helper who took this photo did a great job with the composition. The pic should be used for their marketing – showing The Happy Apple Shopper.

    As for the kids – I melt every time you mention being called Pappy. You’re very lucky to have such close family and it’s no wonder the 10 year old is excited to visit. Just look at what a great weekend he’s going to share with you!

    BTW I just clicked as to this Jonathan Franzen on your reading list. He wrote The Corrections, right? Fantastic book. I read somewhere that it has gone down on various best book of the decade lists. Now I’ll have to follow your lead and get Freedom so we can compare notes. Thank you for the tip. I was just in need of a new book to read and had no clue what to go for.

    • Everything about the Apple store appeals to me, Epic, even its lighting!

      Despite my grand nephew having read his new book, cover to cover and started on another one, I read not one sentence of “Freedom”. What’s up with that? I was dismantling my cable boxes, making sure my antennae worked with the living room tv, making snacks, doing some work work. I’ll need another read weekend to catch up!

  10. Carol, you are right. I just read that you went to a theatrical production that was six hours long and included a dinner break and the content was the reading aloud of The Great Gatsby. My dear, mental illness comes in so many disguises these days. I don’t believe there any meds for this strain but you sure can paint!! I’m laughing just thinking of “what ifs”…As in “what if you had managed to coerce your husband into going?”
    C’mon….you’d have blogging material for a year.

  11. (Yeah
    All right
    Sing it up, west coast
    Too much!)

    I’m just sitting in my chair when a voice comes on the air
    Says “Why don’t you try it? You’ll feel allright!”
    “Got some great new brand of smokes
    “Cool your head and clear your throat
    “Keeps you young and so in touch.”

    Cheap advertising, you’re lying
    Never gonna get me what I want
    I said, smooth talking, brain washing
    Ain’t never gonna get me what I need

    “Our new soap that’s peachy keen saves your soul and keeps you clean
    “It’s recommended, used by the queen
    “Gonna improve your IQ, help in everything you do
    “It’s economic, don’t cost too much.”

    Said advertising, you’re lying
    Never gonna give me what I want
    I said, smooth talking, brain washing
    Ain’t never gonna get me what I need

    (I said take it,
    Come on,
    Soul man.
    Let’s shoot the professor!

    I’m just sitting in my chair when a voice comes on the air
    Says “Why don’t you try it? You’ll feel allright!”
    “It’s a great new brand of smokes
    “Cool your head and clears your throat
    “Keeps you young and so in touch.”

    Said advertising, you’re lying
    You’re never gonna give me what I want
    I said smooth talking, brain washing
    You’re never gonna get me what I need

    (What do I care?
    Yeah! Hey man,
    Where’s the professor?
    We need him now!
    Gonna tell you ’bout them
    Yeah we take it all the way ’round the world
    For that west coast feel
    Yeah man.
    Yeah everything, let it out
    It’s not what you love
    Look out on the radio
    All right.

  12. It sounds like a perfect weekend … can I come over … and can we see “Megamind” on saturday. hee hee!

    note: I know I’m a few weeks late, but the bacon makes me crazy!!!

  13. Pat, just to wish you a sparkling New Year. I hope someone bought you the I Pad! Lots and lots of love to you and your family. xxxx

  14. My new years wish is to have someone take a photo of me and have me look as sparkly beautiful as you are in this picture.
    Selfish, I know, but that’s what I wish.
    I’ve toyed with the iPad too and could find many a way to justify it. Until I get my iPhone up to speed, I think I’ll pass for now.
    Unless of course, owning one will make my face and eyes twinkle like yours……hmmmm……….

    Happy, Twinkly, Healthy, Abundant, Creative New Year Pat Dear.

  15. yoohooooooo…….are you still out there?

    • Oh, Carol, I am and have just posted the answer. I’ve been visiting you and trying to access your sketchbook on that site but not having any luck. Is it just fumble fingers or is it not yet posted?

  16. Trying to fb you, so much you said is so right and so shared by me, Paul fell asleep twice in The Artist..really, an award???..Love seeing your photos,, hair right out of The Devil wears Prada. Interested in seeing if you ever get this.

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