Laughing Challenge

Nothing makes me laugh like kids totally overcome with laughter.  But, I’ve had a challenge from a WP blogger, sanityfound, in South Africa.  She visited this site this morning and has an entry on her own blog that made me laugh out loud: a comedian, Barry Hilton and a clip from YOUTUBE.  She then issued a challenge to her readers to post clips of their favorite comedians in hopes of sharing the best medicine, laughter.  

Just my type of challenge: something that doesn’t require me to get up off the couch.  It can’t hurt except if you are really religious then I suggest you skip my clip.  It’s Ricky Gervais, the British author and actor of “The Office”, HBO’s “Extras” and other hilarious “bits” as he calls them.  This clip is a nine minute section of his review of a book called “The Bible”.  

Thanks, sanityfound, it’s a great challenge.  I hope any of my readers will pay it forward and let me know when they do.

Nothing I like better than to be laughing while sitting on my couch.





2 comments on “Laughing Challenge”

  1. Excellent!!! I can’t stop giggling and laughing quite literally out loud – ok off to go watch it again, ow my tummy hurts!!! Thanks for sharing this one and passing on the challenge! :D Aud

  2. Great clip. I love Ricky Gervais, and yes, you made me laugh out loud!

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