Lunch at Mickey Dees

By: pbcmedia

Oct 09 2008

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Camera:Canon EOS 5D

I knew it.

The McDonalds Bail Out.

I saw it there this morning.  Forget the Fed.

Mickey Dees has the solution.

©Pat Coakley 2008


8 comments on “Lunch at Mickey Dees”

  1. Trusy Miickeys to try and capitalize on peoples misfortune by offering crap food to cheer them up.

  2. LOL did you know that the Big Mac is the world single monitor of a country’s wealth vs GNP? Yes, they take the cost of a Big Mac, and the average salary of a person and they divide it down to cost of living to come up with the figure. It was the only product on earth that was universal enough to do so. Seriously true…

  3. Sugardaddy,Welcome…but I have to tell you if mickeydees has some crap able to cheer me up, I’m buying it. I know what you’re saying, but the ‘balanced, whole foods” approach isn’t working for this girl.

    Amber, I had no idea about mickey and GNP. Don’t tell Sugardaddy. Now, no kidding, if I believed in emoticons I’d use one here.

  4. Ok, seriously, about 2 towns over there is a Micky D’s with, are ready for this?, with a fireplace. *nods* And above that? A nice flat screen tv streaming news.

  5. I had to look twice ( or more ) to see that you hadn’t inserted your own blandishment to this McD’s menu.
    It’s for real!!!!!

    Remember when the early signs used to brag, 4 million served, 10 million served, then they upped it to billions served and now, now, they are curiously resembling the numbers of the national debt: 10 trillion.

    I say supersize with the cheese…….

  6. I’d like the “feel good” burger with fries please!

    -Turkish Prawn

  7. Unbelievable. Yet believable. The marketeers at the golden arches’ HQ don’t miss a beat, do they? And nor do you. What a giggle.
    I’ve always wondered how it is that the same burger in McD’s is costed differently depending on the city/ country you’re in. Thanks to Amber, we now know why!

  8. Sorry I kind of got distracted with how many different meals you guys have and all the things on the menu – will take one of ours next time I visit (twice a year sadly) and you will be shocked I tell you, SHOCKED!

    Its quite hectic if they are using that as a “buying” piece… does food cost more than MD’s?

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