Light and Darkness

By: pbcmedia

Nov 15 2008

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Focal Length:100mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D

Venus is on my calendar today.  Yes, the one closest to the earth.  I’ve been thinking about it on and off since I was asked by an 8 year old boy to help him with his school project.

I looked it up on Google, of course.  Real color Venus is apparently white and goldy, as there is a thick swirling cloud cover over the entire planet.  He said he’d like to do a mock up of the planet.  OK.   I thought about putting a Styrofoam ball in glue and then rolling it in crystals.  So, I bought the crystals and the Styrofoam ball.

But, as I’m imagining how cool that would look, I thought about his face on other projects, and occasionally, his words, “Um, Pappy?  I don’t really want to make a dinosaur out of autumn leaves or out of almonds (they would have been the pointy armor, people!) and we had to come to another idea because the teacher seems to want the child to have the ideas.

So, I’m at the grocery store after a bad day all around when I totally wished I had someone to say, “You know Pat everything is going to be alright with the world” and, not just that, but this is key, someone to say it who I believed.  The older I get, the more often I have to make the case myself, sometimes from scratch, each day.  (Strong dark coffee is essential for this “Believe” project but illegal substances may be necessary in the future.)

So, I thinking my deep dark thoughts and slumped over the cart as if I was hauling Albert Camus’ stone on my back when I pass by the marshmallows.

“Marshmallows!  That’s it!  Venus made from marshmallows!” I thought.  Excellent cloud double and kids will love it.

Spring returned to my step and I took this photo on the way home at an intersection.

If he doesn’t like this idea, at least we can roast them over the gas burner while we’re doing HIS idea.

©Pat Coakley 2008


9 comments on “Light and Darkness”

  1. There is something about photos of light, the colour orbs just get me everytime. Perhaps its the simplicity with clever patterns? I don’t know, just love it!

    I have some news… you sitting? I posted about it (destiny post)… but I am finally getting out, breaking free and shaking out my wings!

  2. such wonderful thinking, so real so true, i tip my hat and i have it on today because of rain and november. and the light of the photo is a message theres hope and all is well and as it should be (i think at least for now this here moment) thankyou

  3. Mmm … marshmallow Venus! I love it, and would also have loved Styrofoam/crystal Venus. I also love all the colors in your photo and wonder if the casual observer would have noticed that there were so many!

    One of the things that I love about photography is its ability to catch things even I don’t see when I’m framing the photo. I have a snapshot taken at my brother’s wedding. It’s a picture of his wedding cake surrounded by all the candles we used when we decorated my grandmother’s house for the wedding. It’s a pretty cake, and the photo is flooding with a warm, gold glow from all the candles. Nice picture, if I do say so myself. My brother got married almost seventeen years ago … and it was only a few months ago that I looked at that photo and noticed that in the background is a framed picture of my father. It made me happy to make the discovery. My father had died three years before that wedding, but there he is, attending it with all the rest of us.

    Oh dear, such a tangent! I don’t know if everything will be alright with the world, but I’m still feeling very hopeful after these ten days. Stressed, but still hopeful.

  4. I hated school projects, my creative friend was doing everything for me.
    I wish I had some marshmallows in my kitches. I would roast them over the candle now. I’m a real sweeetoholic.
    I like this photo too, it makes me wonder how do people notice these things and are able to do a shots like this.

  5. Sanity! Now, that is the best news! The best.
    Tipota: if you feel like it, send my your land mail address. I have a card for you!
    Stacie, You know the last ten days have been a quantum leap forward and is one reason why I feel more hope than before November 4. So many people, worldwide, seem to feel better about this world, themselves and the United States because of this election. Surely, this has to translate into some inspired problem solving. I have my fingers crossed (and toes). I wish I weren’t such a wuss.
    The first time I took pictures such as this I had no idea until I got home what they looked like. I didn’t not notice them without the lens And, “able”…well, I take them when stopped at a stoplight.

  6. I once made the Great Wall of China out of Rice Krispie Treats. Unfortunately, it was pre-camera days. I would love a photo of it for the archives.

  7. a big PS – I find your words so comforting. I feel pretty down fairly often but there is something in your stories and pictures that keeps my hope alive. Just thought you should know.

  8. Oh, Conni, I love that Rice Krispie Treats Great Wall idea! If I get asked again, I’ll try to do it and then take a photo for you! When he brought this Venus project into school on Monday, the teacher looked at it and apparently didn’t get it. He said, “It’s Venus. The marshmallows are the clouds and we can eat it.”

    The teacher exclaimed “Oh, what a good idea!”

    PS. I’m so so happy to bring a little comfort to such a creative soul as yourself. I think creativity is the only investment I am sure of these days! I look forward to watching you find your own path through your words and images. I so enjoy your attitude, honesty, hilarious interior monologue to clueless customers: the guy with the long mustache? Who kept twirling it while ordering? and you think, “Yeah, I see it, Ok?” I laughed out loud.

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