Ice Storm Sky

By: pbcmedia

Jan 07 2009

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Category: Creativity, Life, nature, Personal, Photography, Sky


Focal Length:35mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D

We are having an ice storm today. Yesterday, I took a series of shots on my way to Rhode Island on the back roads around noontime. I thought to myself then, and now, that I’ve never seen that precise color ice blue sky before, at least midday, in winter, in New England. It was also only on horizon level since white/gray clouds covered the rest of the sky. Ok, I don’t think I’ve ever seen this type of sky before. Maybe ever.

(Those looking for the SAPCC image for this week’s theme “Order”, click HERE)

6 comments on “Ice Storm Sky”

  1. I can’t get enough of these. If I had any extra money kicking around I’d buy the files from you, print them on ceramic, and tile my kitchen with them.

    This one in particular is outstanding. Though on the surface these might look random, I hope people are appreciating your fine compositions.

  2. Now, there’s an idea! How in heck do I do that? Print on ceramic? I have left over tiles from my kitchen and foyer that would be perfect. Seriously, email me separately with what I’d need to get. And, include your snail mail address and I’ll send you a card with this image on it. I just made some after a bout with Levels!!

  3. gorgeous. and what a great idea! i know there’s a way to do it, i’ve seen it,
    kennedy studios down here does them. ceramic tiles with image from a print file all gorgeous and solid and tactile

  4. This image is frosty winter gorgeous. That pale blue streak had no idea it would be snagged forever in a jpeg.

    From my days in textiles, I know there is a process of printing called Heat Transfer ( you can see this principle in mall kiosk t shirts where a grandparent might print a little ones’ face or some moron prints two shirts and one says ” I’m with stupid ” ,,,oh I’m off message ).
    anyway this method lets you transfer a photo image onto most anything.
    There is a floor tile company in the states called Amtico that was using this method to transfer print natural textures on to floor tiles. Wood, marble, bark, anything natural looking.

    Wouldn’t your images make gorgeous prints on the back of a plain classic white shirt? Just a square 18″ X 24″ of any one of your panned scenes ( and oh, you could make them seasonally appropriate ) printed right on the back would be just stunning.

    Can I have the second one you make?

  5. Bonnie I’m going to look into this transfer process. I do know about the T shirts, of course. But, Bon Bon, with all due respect, I don’t think these images would be snatch em up t shirt material. But, keep thinking! One day we’ll hit upon the sweet spot!

    Tipota, I think I’ve been at that Kennedy Studios place! Not 100% sure, but I am going to look it up on line.

  6. See. Pat, I wasn’t thinking T-shirt.
    I was thinking classic, elegant white long sleeve button front shirt. The kind you can wear as an overshirt, left open, or…. tucked in to a favorite pair of jeans and throw on a string of pearls, or a thousand dollar turquoise necklace and consider yourself perfectly attired.

    Ah…. you can take the gal out of the fashion industry but ………

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