Senior Valentines

By: pbcmedia

Feb 13 2009

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Focal Length:18mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D

My nephew took me to a movie of my choice for my birthday.

He had originally thought I might like to see “The Wrestler”.  He would have been right except that I already tried last week but couldn’t make it past the razor blades and the staple guns (they are called “gigs” in wrestling parlance) and had to leave after a half hour.  It made me feel sick even when I closed my eyes.

So, I chose “Last Chance Harvey”.  Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson find late in life LOVE.

“Oh, my,” I said to myself as I looked at the box office line filled with folks my age or up.

The Last Chancers were out in strength today.

At the end of the movie, as I told my nephew that he was easily thirty years younger than anyone in the theater and was due extra auntie praise for agreeing to take me (although he said he liked it), he told me this story.

I had gone to the ladies room before the movie started and he went in to get the seats.  He is a tall guy.  He sat down toward the front of the theater in an aisle seat.  He said within a minute or so a gaggle of lady last chancers entered the row behind him with much talking and, apparently, even more balance issues due to large pocketbooks and vats of popcorn.  He said each one’s pocketbook, one larger than the other, hit him up one side of his head as each one entered, and to add insult to injury, if the leather battering rams were not enough, he felt their hands or even elbows on top of his head, steadying themselves as they guided themselves into a seat.

You’d have to know him and his facial expressions to fully appreciate this story, but suffice to say it was Ricky Gervais funny.  (The funniest man on the planet)

“Yep, that’s us,” I said, pointing to my backpack pocketbook that’s been known to sideswipe objects of art in museums and such.  He rolled his eyes.

Our last chances require total lifestyle pocketbooks filled to capacity with the essentials: books, cameras, magazines, make-up (of course), comfortable shoes, prescription vials, large ADVIL bottle,  scarves, water, snacks for two (at least)  because you just never know when true love shall come along.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I’m going to see one of my mine today–no, in fact, two of them.  One is three, the other is six.

If you have not yet reached the age of reason, I am your valentine.  Guaranteed.

I have chocolate hearts with bright red, crinkly cellophane wrap in my purse next to my camera.

©Pat Coakley 2009


10 comments on “Senior Valentines”

  1. fancy watching the flick now, good post,


  2. Great movie theater story, and an even better photo today! A Ryder truck this time… Nice play between the yellow-orange sunlight and the blue peeking through the grey clouds overhead. It looks just like February in the northern US!
    Enjoy your young valentines!

  3. Lovely photo.
    I love the dark clouds and the light on the ground.

    As for the movie, I do not think I’ve even heard of it.
    It must be very good though if your nephew enjoyed it even though he surly had a headache after the purse-beating he took on.

  4. you must be just too wonderful i think for any ordinary pathways

  5. Leather battering rams had me in an instant.
    And the contents of your purse too -Humor of recognition is always the damned funniest as long as we delight in self deprecation.
    Coupled of course with the way you write it.

    After the last few stone-y cold, frost like photos, the golden sun on the landscape and the truck here offers the vision of warmth.

    Thanks for the tip off about the Wrestler. I’d be sick. Hotel for Dogs is more my thing.

  6. Wow, you have a very interesting blofghere. Nice work. I also love the photo!

  7. In reverse order:

    Doraz, Thanks for taking the time to comment. It always reminds me how nice it is and I think of all the different blogs where I just touch down and lift off without leaving a trace. Thanks for the reminder!

    Bonnie, Oh, skip the Wrestler for sure. I even had my eyes closed and it was bad. I wanted to stay, I really did. But, it just got under my easily rattled composure these days! The Dustin Hoffman movie was enjoyable because of the acting more than anything! Both were wonderfully unadorned.

    Tipota: O, Yes, just what I was thinking!! (She said smiling) O, you say such touching things, really. I have a new way of looking at my box of odd choices now!

    L: Greetings! Yes, I think my nephew’s approval of the movie made me think it might translate to a wider (cough, cough) demographic!

    Don, My young valentines and I made Candy Cards. Painted nice blank card stock and then glued on those valentine candies with the little messages. All very artistically done and of course no candies ever fall off these cards….yep, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

    Thanks for dropping by, Newman. I was wondering if this movie had opened in England as well? I know sometimes there are months in-between premieres on one side of the pond and the other.

  8. Have you by any chance read Love in the Time of Cholera?

  9. No, Chris, I haven’t read it. They made it into a movie, too, didn’t they? I think with Javier Barden. Now, just thinking about him reminds me that I’m not dead yet.

  10. I asked to my brother Robert about his movie experience with Pappy, and he was distinctly uncomfortable about being on the blog. He seemed to have no idea what you would write about. Then it came to him. “You mean the ladies all “gabbing it up” at the movie?

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