Early Riser Multiple Choice Quiz

By: pbcmedia

Feb 22 2009

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Category: Fishing, WEATHER, Winter


Focal Length:26mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D

It is still February and choices must be made.  A. Get up early to ice fish.  B. Get up early to photograph those who ice fish.  Answer: B.

Despite the snow having melted, the ice still holds fisherman and, if they are to be believed, (after all aren’t they the teller of tall tales?) even their pick up trucks.  Some February thaw days have made the top of the ice look unfrozen and dangerous to anyone deciding to walk never mind drive over it. (See HERE for an example of that)

But, In the early morning of this late February day, there was no question that it was still frozen and underneath the ice a fish, most likely a perch, was about to make a poor food choice.

©Pat Coakley 2009


3 comments on “Early Riser Multiple Choice Quiz”

  1. C. stay home and have coffee and see pats photo of dawn later (its raining i too might melt) you r one brave photographer! beautiful.

  2. This is crazy good.


  3. Now that I’m unemployed I was thinking of taking a road trip, stopping by all my photoblogging friends’ places. If you regularly get up this early, though, you’re off the list.

    Great shot.

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