Spring Thaw, Part Two

The Charles River meanders through 23 communities on its 80 mile journey to the sea.  Its basin is a well known feature of Boston and Cambridge.   It begins in Hopkinton which many know as the starting point of the Boston Marathon.  That, of course, is a 26 mile journey from start to finish.  So, you see, when I use the word “meander”,  I mean it when it comes to the Charles River.  It takes a route to the sea that only the wistful or those with attention deficit can truly appreciate.

Here it is yesterday morning in a town near to me.  It reminds me that not all change is wrenching or rug ripped underneath you staggering.  Some changes come softly with muted colors that suggest only faintly the beauty and opportunities that are to come.

I must try to find these same subtle cues when I read the newspaper or turn on the news.

Wish me luck.

© Pat Coakley 2009


7 comments on “Spring Thaw, Part Two”

  1. Ahhh.. early spring. It can be messy and dirty in the city, but in the countryside the colors and textures can be so soft and lovely as the snow gradually gives way to what lies underneath. This is a wonderful photo. I particularly like that mysteriously shaped bit of snow/ice floating there at the water’s edge.

  2. Very nice — only a couple more weeks and winter is over. I can’t wait.

  3. Don, that mysteriously shaped bit of snow is so endearing to me for some reason. Hangin’ on…maybe. Like we all are.

    Dave, I’m going to put a big ol’ airplane wing in this photo and call it US AIR.

  4. What a lovely series of photos! I would so hang that one on my wall . . .

    And I’m liking the vibe of your new avatar. Though it’s a bit small, and my eyes are a bit tired. What is that?!

  5. Tysdaddy, the new avatar is a photo of me taking a photograph of my rear view mirror! Yeah, deep.

  6. Ah! I went to the My Comments section in WP and the avatars show up bigger there. I see it now. Very cool . . .

  7. oh, it is so beautiful!

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