IT’S 9:11 AM on Easter morning and here is the only resurrection I can document: Muscari.

Chris from I heart film calls these grape hyacinths “Moo-scha-ree” in honor of his Italian roots.

©Pat Coakley 2009


5 comments on “"MOO-SCHA-REE"”

  1. Oh that I were Italian. Alas, I am merely a lowly German/Scot/Cherokee.

  2. I always used to call them “grape hyacinths” too. As a kid we had a big patch growing alongside the house. Such a thrill in the spring and early summer. I’d sometimes pick a dozen or so for a mini-boquet for the breakfast table. Beautiful shot.
    Now surely there must be other tangible evidence of a resurrection around somewhere…

  3. This image contains one of my favourite colour combinations. I’m such a sucker for it and I can’t tell how often I’ve things just because of it.

  4. Purple & Green is my favorite color combination. I always wanted a plum purple Beetle with forest green flames. I am shocked you saw this much in bloom. I am hoping for a nice weekend & some Cherry Blossoms inthe park.

  5. Beautiful!

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